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Mar 18, 2011 11:12 AM

Park Hill Area, Denver

I posted some queries about the "best of" certain cuisines in Denver last summer since I'm moving there in a month. I rented a place in Park Hill, right off of MLK Blvd, between Monaco St. and Colorado St. I was wondering if anyone had any recs for that area. I suspect once I get there, I will be living on takeout and restaurant food until I get settled in. My friend in the area doesn't have much to say about the restaurants there because she has a lot of dietary restrictions, so I'm kind of at a loss.

Bonus points (well, eternal gratitude) if someone can also point me to a low-key bar in that neighborhood that has some decent beer on tap.


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  1. I may be a little late, but some ideas if you have not found them. For things in the overall area just go with the regular recommendations, but a couple specific area recommendations you may not find in a general search:

    Spinelli's Market on 23rd and Dexter has awesome sandwiches, and pretty good pre made meals ready to stick in the oven.

    Tacos y Chorizo on Colfax and Cherry. A pretty good taco stand, best in the immediate area in my opinion. And very friendly.

    On Saturdays the church at Colorado and 26th does a sidewalk lunch BBQ often. Very cheap and pretty good.

    Spinelli's Market
    4621 E 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207

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      I found Spinelli's, which warmed the cockles of my Jersey girl heart, but I hadn't heard about the others. Sidewalk BBQ lunch sounds pretty darn good:) thanks again!

    2. You need to try Oblio's pizza, great neighborhood place with a nice bar area and good beers on tap. Cake Crumbs (22nd & Kearney) great baked goods and sandwiches, and Cherry Tomato is good for dinner (23 & Dexter) and Tables (22nd & Kearney) for a pricier meal

      Cherry Tomato
      4645 E 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207

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        Yeah, I've hit everything except Tables on that list. Oblio's pizza is way different from what I'm used to, but the high-quality ingredients make all the difference. Cake Crumbs is my favorite breakfast/dessert place - i stroll over with one of my dogs at least once a week:) And Cherry Tomato served me some great Italian food a couple weeks ago. There's not a HUGE amount in walking distance, but what's there is pretty darn good. Sad the coffee shop closed though! I'm going to see what I can bike to on Colfax for my next trick:)

        Cherry Tomato
        4645 E 23rd Ave, Denver, CO 80207