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Mar 18, 2011 10:52 AM

Medford - Lunch Recommendations Please

Meeting an old friend for lunch. Our chosen halfway meeting point is Medford. Would appreciate recommendations. NO Asian, Middle Eastern or chains.


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  1. Izzies, jackon and stokes rd medford.

    1. There's Braddock's Tavern on Main St for American food. I haven't been there since it changed hands, but there are good mentions on Yelp. Tarantella, Femmina, and MaraVillas are all pretty good Italian. There's also a new Jamaican place across the street from Braddock's, run by a "celebrity chef", but I haven't tried that either.

      1. I would try Femmina in Medford, They have a really nice lunch menu, it's BYOB, and owned by the people who own Tarantella (also in Medford).

        1. Not much in Medford. In Marlton, there is a nice place, the Redstone Grill. Very smart interior, creative contemporary menu.

          N.B. They have 5 locations, but I don't consider them a "chain", on the order of Olive Garden (ugh) or PF Chang's (Yikes) with their hundreds of locations. This place is run like a family owned place. Good food, reasonable prices, nice ambience.

          1. I don't agree with the poster who said there's not much in Medford. There may not be many, but you can have a tasty lunch. Depending on the weather and your interest, there are also some fun shops to walk through downtown on Main Street. (Don't miss the art gallery-style shop -- Creative Genius).

            I don't know if your lunch was this past weekend or not. But I'll add some links just in case, they may also come in handy if this thread pops up later in someone's search.

            We like both Tarentella and Femmina. You can access both restaurants and their menus here:
            Tarentella looks more like a basic neighborhood Italian restaurant, with the pizza counter in the front. But we've enjoyed the food at both.

            I haven't tried the new Jamaican restaurant, but am curious to hear any reports:

            We've enjoyed some dinners in the past at Braddock's but also haven't tried it under the new owners:

            If you're interested in a casual but delicious lunch, Izzies is wonderful and much easier to get a seat in their larger location than it was in the original. They have a wide menu of creative sandwiches and salads and a selection of entrees.

            DH and I had lunch at Redstone Grill a year or so ago. It was tasty, but we definitely left feeling as though it was too expensive for what they offered -- food wise. It was definitely a more dinner-like atmosphere with quality service.