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Mar 18, 2011 09:45 AM

Hey YOU, Stove Manufacturers

Here’s my chance to say something to let you know how I feel, what I would like to change, what you could improve upon, in the stoves that are manufactured today.

1. Do you think you could make burners that actually fit the cookware of today??? I have a Kenmore induction cooktop – 5 burner (1 warming 6”, 2 small 6” and 2 convertible 6”/9”) that I have a heck of a time finding pots that fit. When was the last time you found a 9” pot??? When was the last time you cooked for a family of 4 in a 9” pan?? All frying pans seem to be in even numbers – 8”, 10”, 12”, etc. and the specs for the stove say not to go over the burner “ring” by more than an inch????

2. Where did all the small appliance outlets go??? There are still some of us that live in older houses with kitchens lacking plug-ins (or convenient ones anyway) that would love to be able to plug into the stove instead of unplugging the coffeemaker, toaster, etc. and putting a hot electric wok on the countertop instead of plugging it into the stove and using it there where it can handle the heat.

3. What’s with whimpy oven racks?? You make an oven that is HUGE, then put racks in there that can’t handle any real weight without sagging???

4. Why did you put the oven vent underneath the burner knobs??? That does nothing but make a big mess!! I have to clean the area after each oven use as it greases up, turns brown all around the vent and looks ugly!! Never mind the steam that comes out of it and puddles on the stovetop – means if you are cooking on that rear burner and baking at the same time you get to hear the lovely sound of water hitting the edge of the burner and going “sisssssss” all the time!

What I DO like:

1. The oven is HUGE (that’s the main reason I bought this particular stove), I can do multiple racks of things at the same time without generally having to switch positions of things – I can do two pans of French fries on the same rack at the same time – LOVE IT!!

2. The burner heat control is very nice – if you need scorching heat you can get it or if you need to simmer you can do that very well also.

3. With the right cleaning products this baby cleans up like a dream!! Every time I clean it my husband always comments that it cleans up like new! Even the burnt marks come right off and it shines.

4. Digital controls are awesome – easy to use and understand. No more standing at the stove with a puzzled look going what does this button control???

5. Excellent broiling – with so many rack positions you can get the food right where it needs to be. The broiler heats up quickly.

I am sure there are other things I could both complain/compliment on, but I’d like to hear what others would like to add! (Thanks for the idea breadchick, let’s see where this one goes).

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  1. A 10" frying pan is likely to have a 9" (or smaller) base.

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    1. re: paulj

      Yes. The rule of thumb is, the bottom of the pan should be *larger* than the heating element, not the same size.

    2. Mine don't either it's much smaller than 9" or it's the same size as the rest (10 or 12 or whatever).

      1. I can sooo relate. I'm with you especially on #2 point. Why can't we (who live in older houses, as nsstampqueen pointed out) have that extra feature? I can't imagine anyone turning down an extra outlet - put one in to modern codes, of course - ground fault circuit thingy.

        I have a huge oven (plus) and a warmer drawer underneath (not so much.) The warmer drawer is used for storage of baking stone and pizza stuff, because... it's not tall enough to put any kind of casserole or baking pan in! I can't warm what I can't put in.

        I have a couple others, but my main pain is this: I have a dual fuel with porcelain coated burner grates. The grates are impossible to keep clean, the porcelain is cracked and falling off. If GE can make turbines, GE should be able to make burner grates that will last beyond 3 years. Stop line dancing and focus. Please.

        Thanks, nsstampqueen!

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        1. re: breadchick

          I looked at two different models with the extra bonus - one warmer on the bottom, one with a little oven on the top - I decided against them as I didn't think anything I would make would fit! The first year we had our new stove I cooked a large turkey and a ham at the same time, worked perfectly! Love a big oven!

          1. re: breadchick

            GE does make awesome burner grates for the GE cafe. They're cast iron and I love them!

            1. re: flourgirl

              Go figure. I wonder if I can change mine out for them? I'm going to check specs on their site to see if I can.

              Thanks for the tip, flourgirl!

              1. re: breadchick

                You're very welcome. I hope they can work for you. I had enamelled grates on my last range and I hated those darn things. That was way at the top of my list when I went shopping for a new range - no enamelled grates!!!

          2. How about someplace where you demo your major appliances so people can buy with confidence?

            No guy buys a $1K used car without insisting on a test drive and getting one. We have to spend $5K and up on major appliances with nothing but a look at something that isn't even plugged in in a showroom. This SUCKS big time and it's time you gave consumers a chance to check out the wares before they make decisions they'll be living with for 8 yrs or 10 yrs or even longer.

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            1. re: rainey

              Never thought of it that way rainey, but you are so right! I don't care if the appliance costs only a few hundred dollars, it would be nice to see it in action - if it's a stove, how fast it heats up; if it's a dishwasher how noisy is it; etc.

              I test drove lots of cars before I bought my last one, wouldn't do it any other way!

              1. re: nsstampqueen

                Amen to that! I have been shopping for new appliances and the showrooms have lovely displays that don't work. I have no idea what the flame looks like on a rangetop, how features work, etc. I would sure love to try them out.

            2. I want a double oven that is really an oven-and-a-half.