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Mar 18, 2011 09:13 AM

Looking for good authentic Polish food??

Royal Bakery (a polish family owned bakery) in Arvada Colorado will have Easter babkas, pierogis, paczki and easter butter lambs.........

I know people have been wondering where to find these things for Easter so I figured I would give everyone the heads up!!!


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    1. I had to look up "easter butter lamb" and was hoping it was some succlent baby lamb fed only butter...too bad...

      But pierogis, that I can go for!

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      1. re: DrakeRemoray

        Does Cracovia do any pre-prepared or takout -- like some restaurants have Thanksiving giving dinners?

        1. re: ClaireWalter

          I am not really sure if they do big dinners for take out, but I do know they do their regular menu on take-out. If anything maybe just call and ask if they will do anything special for the holidays!!

      2. Thanks for this information! We were wondering on Fat Tuesday where we could find paczkis. We moved here from Michigan 4 years ago and still miss the paczkis from Hamtramck in metro Detroit..

        I'm looking forward to checking out the Royal Bakery for Easter!!

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        1. re: Squint

          Hamtramck!! Best Polish food! I am from Milford and I am Polish, and we would head over to Hamtramck at least once a month for some good old fashioned Polish food. We use to go to "Under the Eagle" restaurant. My mom was best friends with the owner.

          I am planning on traveling to Denver this June and will check out this bakery. I could really go for some paczkis and pierogis!!!