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Mar 18, 2011 08:47 AM

KitchenAid Pasta Cutter - should I take the plunge?

I have been coveting this attachment for a long time, but can't decide if I should order it or not. I already have so many KA attachments taking up valuable storage space but they look so awesome, and I love the idea of making loads of homemade pasta super fast.

so who has made the leap and would never go back to a hand crank and who says this is just an expensive space waster?

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  1. Looking at the KA site again - I think I actually have to buy the ravioli maker as well - then change the attachments. Wow! this could get expensive.

    Where are all of you KA attachment people? Please help!

    1. i lean more towards space waster...
      but it all depends on how much fresh pasta u plan on making...
      and is it that much more faster/better/easier than hand crank (if u already have one)?

      and a 170 for a ravioli maker is to much for me..i can do ravioli by hand...

      1. Total space-waster. However, the ice cream attachment is, well, different... The roller/cutter thingies do nothing an old school hand-cranked model can't. I stopped using my KA to make pasta dough and went back to hand mixing. Result? Far more tender pasta. FYI, the ravioli maker isn't so hot. Better to roll sheets and use a hand cutter.

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          I'm with Kagemusha on the ice cream attachment. I do have the pasta extruder attachment and like that, but if I had to choose between the two it would be the ice cream attachment (not that you asked!).

        2. i want one, and haven't yet sprung for it. i watched mario batali using it all the time, and i said, "that is really neat!" i recall people on these boards like the attachment to cut the pasta, but not the other pasta attachment.

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          1. re: alkapal

            I want one too, roxlet has posted on home cooking about loving hers - and she knows from pasta.

            1. re: buttertart

              I seem to have lost roxlet's site url. Can you tell me again, please, thank you.
              After several years, I am thinking of pulling out my rollers again, this time with serious intent.

              I've read that the ravioli attachment isn't that easy to use. I've watched a few youtube demonstrations of it, and I think it looks too intense for me. But I do have the rollers which do the spaghetti and fettucine.

              I also have the extruders that as I recall came with the sausage attachment. I did not have any luck with them at all, but I probably did not give them a chance.

              I tried the Atlas crank years ago and actually never found a good table or cabinet or anything to attach it to after the initial dwelling I used it in. I lost the crank in moving and never replaced it, and never intended to.

              I recall that there is an Alton Brown episode where he demonstrates using the ironing board for rolling out pasta. I thought it very clever at the time I watched it.

              1. re: Rella

                I think roxlet will answer you here.

          2. I have all of the Cutters and the Roller and yes the take up a bit of space, but so didn't my Atlas which they replaced. I was finding I needed three hands with the Atlas: One to feed, one to take up and one to crank. With the Kitchenaid, I just need 2. Since these attachments are made by Atlas, The have worked just as well as my hand crank. Also try putting Plastic Wrap over an Ironing board to catch the sheets as they are coming off the rollers if you counter isn't deep enough for the whole kit. as for the extruder, the old one for the grinder attachment didn't work well, but there is a new one which is supposedly much better and it is on our list to get soon.

            Oh and as for the ravioli maker, don't. It just uses the Kitchenaid as a stand, everything else is manual. I just take the sheets, put balls of filling on one half, fold it over, cut it with a pizza cuter and crimp and that is much easier than that Ravioli maker

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            1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

              Thank you for your advice. Think I will get the roller and cutters. Love the ironing board advice!

              Where do you dry the pasta after? I have a friend who uses a broom handle suspended over two chairs....

              1. re: marsprincess

                I have a clothes drying stand that doubles for Pasta after I wipe it down completely.

                1. re: marsprincess

                  The pasta attachment was the first attachment I got for my Kitchenaid about 20 years ago. I use it all the time. It makes it so easy to make pasta (as per Matapoisett's comment about going from three hands to two ... ) My kitchen drawers all have long stainless handles/hardware, so I just hang the pasta over them ...

                  1. re: CocoTO

                    How do you make your dough; by hand, in the KitchenAid mixer, or in a food processor.

                    I'm reading that one should knead the dough after mixing. ANOTHER 8 MINUTES!

                    Do you knead by hand after mixing the dough in the KitchenAid mixer, if you use the KA mixer?

                    Do you knead by hand after mixing the dough in a food processor, if you use a food processor.

                    I would think that mixing in either the mixer or fp, and then rolling 5-6x in the rollers on the largest setting would take care of the kneading part, but then again ....