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Mar 18, 2011 08:42 AM

little rubber things that came with my dutch oven...

I just bought a little enamel-coated dutch oven by kitchenaid. It came with these 4 rubber pieces - little U-shaped things - but there`s no mention of them in the little pamphlet with the warranty and care info. What the heck are these for and do I need to keep them É

For some reason my keyboard is giving me a É instead of a question mark, so consider this a question!

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  1. They are to protect your Dutch Oven during storage and especially during move. Place them on the rim and then put the lid on. In case, it is not clear place them down as upside down "U" and cap the rim. This way, the lid won't bang against the rim. Are they really as useful as I described? Who know. You don't have to keep them.

    1. They are useful if you want to store your oven with the lid upside down and stack another pot on top. It stops the rim, which can be rough, from scratching the lid. If you're not going to store them that way, just place them in a little Ziploc bag and keep them if you need them later.

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        I use my "bumpers" when storing to keep an air space and keep the lid from clanking the rim.

      2. My first enameled cast iron piece came with those little plastic bumpers. They looked as if they were supposed to be disposable, but I kept them anyway. After a short period of conscientiously replacing them each time I returned the pot to the cabinet with its lid placed upside-down on top of it, I got tired of fiddling around with them. So I threw them out and began storing the pot with an old dishcloth placed between the pot and its upside-down lid. After that, whenever I purchased a new enameled cast-iron piece, I immediately threw the bumpers out and assigned the pot its own old dishcloth. The pots and the dishcloths are all very happy.

        1. add 2 tsp olive oil, s&p and saute them (kidding)
          Guessing they are for shipping, but I saved some of mine (4)...I find'em handy when the pot is stored, keeps the lid from banging around when I'm poking in the cabinet for something else

          1. Hi all,

            Seems to me using them to keep the lid lifted slightly off the pot during storage would be a good idea, ventilation-wise.