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Mar 18, 2011 08:29 AM

Favorite Plateau lunch?

I moved to the lower Plateau (near The Main) and also work from home a couple of days/week. I am looking for suggestions for good lunch spots-- all kinds of food welcome- cafe, ethnic, bistro, etc.

I sometimes go to Reservoir, Cafe Neve, Romados, Miga, Soupe Soupe. There are so many other little places-- which ones are good? Any lunch specials stand out?

Soupe Cafe
2725 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N9, CA

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  1. It does seem to me that you've already got a great list there. A few to add, sushi from Tataki or I Love Sushi (inexpensive), tacos, pupusas or empanads from Supermarché Andes, a burrito grande from La Chilenita, ramen from Ramen-Ya, the lunch special at Bistro à vin Justine, a $6 fresh pizza or lasagna from Maison des Pates Fraiches.

    1. Les Epinards, corner Mont-Royal and St-Dominique, run by two young women, delicious daily specials, salads, desserts, pleasant room with tall windows, great place to have lunch or to do
      take out, nice wines by the glass, good prices for the quality of the food.

      1. Pintxo is 18 at lunch ... but excellent value. Menu is online.
        Higher up - Aux Vivre for vegan food (their version of a BLT is amazing and tastes like bacon)

        1. Two words - Patati Patata..

          Patati Patata
          4177 St-Laurent Blvd., Montreal, QC , CA

          1. Is L Corridor still around? That's always nice for a roti or a meat patty at lunch time and near your location. Also a sausage with sauerkraut on a bun from Vieille Europe is good, and they appear to have expanded their takeout options.