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Jan 10, 2006 09:05 PM

Looking for good sushi in Manhattan beach area.

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Looking for good sushi in Manhattan, Hermosa, El Segundo area.

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  1. Best is Momoyama in Redondo Beach on PCH. Very Fresh, nice place with a full menu, bar, and even a moat and waterfall inside.

    Also recommend Hama Hermosa (Hermosa Blvd in HB), Sushi Wasabi (PCH in Hermosa Beach), Blue Pacific (some sushi but also a lot of creative rolls and other fusion dishes - Hermosa Beach on Hermosa Ave.). Manhattan Beach doesn't have any great ones: octopus is ordinary, Fusion Sushi is decent but not great. Club Sushi and Sushi Sei in hermosa are nothing special but not bad.

    1. try Kanzen sushi in Redondo Beach, it will be worth your while. It think it is the best place in the south bay. definitly check it out!

      1. I second Kanzen. I've tried tons of the places around here and am very picky about my fish!!Kanzen and Tomi sushi (on pch) are the two best by far. I like them equally but there is a different vibe at each one. Tomi is older and the sushi chefs are like 16th generation sushi chefs and have been around a while -- go omakase there ( FYI, Tomi is not the kind of spot with a roll menu 4 pages long -- it is more traditional style with really fresh fish and they always have things like ankimo etc.). Kanzen is newer, sushi chefs are younger and there is a bit more stuff on the menu that is fusiony/modern. Both are great.

        1. Kanzen is the best sushi restaurant in the south bay and top 10 in LA. Try the live specials, crispy rice, poke tuna, nigiri, or basically, anything. It is the real deal. Momoyama is NOT the best in Redondo. It is quite decent and a nice atmosphere, but it is not as legit at Kanzen. Second, is Tomi sushi on PCH near torrance blvd in south redondo beach. The nigiri cannot be beaten. Best uni, octopus and sweet shrimp that I ever had. The tuna, salmon are not to be missed either. I have been twice and both times were excellent. All of those places are legit and can hold their own with the best of the SF Bay (where I am from) and LA.