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Mar 18, 2011 07:44 AM

KoKyu BBQ, Triangle Food Truck in NC

Surprised I couldn't find a thread for this truck but had some wonderful food from KoKyu last night at Big Boss' St Paddys day event. Short list of "takos", sliders and quesadillas with a global/Asian influence. Had a short rib slider, pork belly tako and another short rib quesadilla. Super savory eats, they add in some pickled veggies for some acid. The duck fat tots rocked, crispy and with a rich undertone.

Maybe I'm just hungrier when I eat outside but this truck was great! They seem to be mostly in Durham near Motorco/Fullsteam but it's worth the effort to seek them out...!/KoKyuBBQ

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  1. Couldn't make it last night but I've been meaning to try it for a while. Thanks for the report. Speaking of Durham/Motorco, they are supposed to be over there tomorrow (3/19) along with a bunch of other trucks.

    1. Thanks for the post. I was at Big Boss yesterday evening and was very intrigued by this truck, but had gone with the intent of having an OnlyBurger and stuck with that plan. I am definitely going to seek these guys out, though. Their menu looked great.

      The special pot roast slider from the OnlyBurger truck was to die for.

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        The KoKyu truck is at Motorco Music Hall every Sunday for the weekly "bloody brunch".

        The bloody brunch is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon in downtown Durham.

        But please let it be known that I will never "die for" any food.

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          Aha, I saw the pot roast slider, Rafeco, and nearly doubled down with KoKyu AND OB! Thankfully I didn't test my limitations. But great night at Big Boss, the weather was perfect.

          And yes, KoKyu should be at the Marry Durham event today and I'm trying to stay away...

        2. Big fan of theirs. The Korean short rib tako is very good. The rib is very crunchy and savory. The spicy pork belly tako is also good. The pickled veggies on top offset the the not too spicy pork. It was very moist, perhaps a little too moist. The buffalo chicken sliders were the star for me. The chicken was very crisp, moist and flavored just right. The topping set it off. I would definitely give them a try next time you see them instead of going to OB again.

          1. The Korean short rib quesadilla is a Frankenstein of at least three different ethnic cuisines but I don't care when it's that tasty.

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              Frankenstein or not, it's going in my mouth, bbqme! Which three cuisines are you thinking of? Korean, Mexican and....

              Geesh, I just saw a posting that they're going to be at RebusWorks, hope I can make it out for Round 2!

              1. re: RonboNC

                There's some sharp flavored cheese that I'm guessing is blue cheese so US/Europe? Whatever it is it works for me.

            2. NCBulkogi Bulkogi Korean BBQ on twitter is also another korean taco food truck. They are near Duke wachovia parking lot . yum

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                I'm going to back up durhamfoodie3's assessment of Bulkogi - YUM! Here's a quick post I did with a picture of their menu: