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Mar 18, 2011 07:28 AM

Need 'Offal' help

Hi all,
I have received some meat from a local farmer who butchered on of his young-ish calves (older than a calf, younger than a steer)
I have Heart, Tounge, and Kidneys.
Does anyone have a recipe where I can use the three pieces at the same time?
I have never really cooked heart before.
Do you think a stew or a Brittish-style meat pie could work with these pieces?

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  1. I would probally make more of a Menudo type would be less gammie and people would more likely to try it...

    1. The 3 cuts will need different cooking times, but yes, they can be put in the same dish. The classic curry for offal is going to be katakat. You can use a pre-packaged spice mix like Shan or look online for recipes. I could see heart and tongue working in a tagine, but the kidneys might be too strongly flavored.

      For a meat pie, dice your kidneys and heart, but leave the par-cooked tongue in large chunks. Saute with your root vegetables, perhaps with some olives and garlic and bake beneath puff pastry. Should be good.

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        Have you cooked beef heart does it cook. I imagine because of the absence of fat, you probably must cook it very quickly, or for a long time ( in a braising liquid, perhaps?)

        1. re: hypomyces

          hypomyces, you are right about the heart, if cooked -you either stew it, or cook it like a steak-sliced or cubed. quick fried or grilled but still pink inside.

          If you want all three, and you like steak and kidney pie-go for the pie recipe. just dont forget to boil the tongue and peel it. otherwise treat the heart like the steak part. you can also soak the prepared, cubed kidneys in a mild vinegar, salt water mix for a couple of hours ( then rinse) to reduce the strong taste. you can usually tell by smelling the kidneys how strong they might be. although young steers should be milder.
          good luck, I wish I had a friendly farmer like that!

          1. re: Jenni899

            Thanks for the help. I have never eaten steak and kidney pie, but I thought it would be an interesting wayto use the pieces of meat.
            Yes we are lucky to know him. This last fall he butchered a pig and he gave us the head. I was able to make real headcheese like my grandmother used to!

        2. re: JungMann

          JM, the katakat sounds delish...funny I've never associated organ meats with Pakistani cooking, guess the local restaurants wouldn't sell much, given the North American squeemishness about organ meats.
          I have enough to try the katakat and the pie.
          Thanks for the suggestions.