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Mar 18, 2011 06:36 AM

Prime dry aged new York sirloin pieces-Recipes?

I recently dry aged a whole ny strip and cut it up for steaks. After trimming and discarding the funky stuff, I further trimmed the tails and sides. I have about a pound and a half of beautiful sirloin strip chunks. Too good to braise or stew. Any recipe ideas?

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  1. Not sure I understand. You say you "cut it up for steaks," but have a pound and a half of "chunks." (Also, is it safe to say this is a strip steak/shell steak, and not a "sirloin?"). Are you saying you cut up a bunch of steaks and the trimmings are the nice chunks you want to do something with?

    Since you can't stew/braise this cut of meat, you should stir-fry or shish-kebab.

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      I dry aged a new York strip and cut it up for individual steakk. I then trimmed each individual steak of which there were 12. From each steak I trimmed out the tail which has a good piece of meat in it. I also further trimmed each steak to even them out. I now have about 1 1/2 lbs of meal from the tails and trimmings.

    2. Sounds like beef tips, almost. A restaurant near me does amazing beef tips with mushrooms, shallots, port and demi-glace. Just a quick saute of the meat so they're still medium inside. They're delicious and tender.