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Mar 18, 2011 06:13 AM

fancy raisins?

The apricot post got me thinking about dried fruit. Whenever I'm in Manhattan/Hermosa Beach, CA, I go to the farmers market for MB Farm's raisins. They sell a mixture of different types of grapes, dried into the most beautiful raisins you've ever seen. Those things are so delicious--150 times better than Sunkist.

I've never seen anything similar in any farmers markets in my area (Wash DC) or anywhere outside of So Cal. Have you?

I'm pretty sure MB Farms sells all over the LA area; if you like dried fruit check them out.

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  1. Can I join you in the hunt, tcamp? I'm in DC as well and would love to find some good raisins at a FM. I used to live in SF and would go to the FM at the Ferry Building every Saturday for these big, fat golden raisins, I loved them! I'd love to find something comparable, even by mail order.

    1. I use Flame Raisins exclusively and buy mine at our local organic food co-op here in California. I bet you can find them all over the net but here’s one site that has them.

      1. I have been pretty happy just getting organic raisins at the supermarket. They generally come in a cardboard canister and taste MUCH better than the standard-issue raisin. If you don't live in a part of the country that produces grapes to sell at farmers' markets, this is a fine option.

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          Unfortunately, I haven't had the same experience with store-bought organic raisins. I tried some from Whole Foods (in a grean cardboard canister) and I HATED them. Not sure why, but they just tasted fishy to me. I actually like the flavor of the sunmaid goldens, they're just too small. Going to check out those Flames though, I think that was the name/type I used to buy in SF.

          Great thread, now I'm craving raisins (which is better than my usual jelly belly craving).

          1. re: travelmad478

            I guess all the grape growers in VA are busy trying to figure out how to make decent wine and haven't begun to focus on raisins.

            I did try some organic raisins from MOM but they were nothing like the freshly dried MB Farms ones.

            Market opportunity, methinks?