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Mar 18, 2011 04:23 AM

Saturday lunch in Gastown -better than brunch?

I'm drawing a blank on cool places to go for lunch on a Saturday in Gastown. Trying to think of somewhere with a West Coast style menu that is doing more than the usual weekend brunch items.
Any suggestions?

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    1. re: starlady

      They do brunch on Saturday - mainly variations on the egg theme from the look of it. May have to look a bit farther afield for my nice lunch.

      1. re: eatrustic

        Pourhouse, Water St Cafe, Irish Heather.....

        Water St Cafe
        300 Water St, Vancouver, BC V6B1B6, CA

        Pourhouse Restaurant
        162 Water Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1B2, CA

        1. re: starlady

          Alibi Room is doing brunch from 10-3 Sat and Sun. I couldn't find a menu online just now though I coulda sworn I found one previously. I've only been for dinner a few times, loved the beer bats, enjoyed the room and service and found the food okay. I guess they have a former chef from Habit. Could be worth a look (wonder if you can get the bats at brunch).

          1. re: grayelf

            Sadly beer bats won't be part of this lunch. This is a belated birthday outing for my 14 year old niece who I'm trying to turn on to the world of good eating.
            I told here that every year, at some point, for her birthday gift I'd take her for a high end dinner (last birthday was a tasting menu at Bishops), as well as a fun lunch somewhere.
            Schedules and school dictate a Saturday lunch.

            Main street or the Drive would work as well since the idea is a fun but interesting (for a food newby from North Van) eating experience.

            1. re: eatrustic

              Latitude!!!! New menu and open for brunch on the weekends!

              1. re: starlady

                Good call, starlady, my 14-year-old proto-foodie self would have loved Latitude :-). And eatrustic can try their new menu out as a bonus.

            2. re: grayelf

              I second The Alibi Room .....


              Medina Cafe (Beatty @ Pender) is a bit off your Gastown preference, but known for v. good brunches.

              For something a wee more casual, I would also consider VAG's Gallery Cafe, opens at 10am on Sat/Sun:


              1. re: grayelf

                I love the Alibi and enjoy brunch there with some regularity (mmm, eggs benny with a nice stout :-) ). Their menu is pretty brunchy though - nearly all egg based dishes. Nothing hearty non-egg (oh how I wish they'd add a burger to their brunch menu).

                Opposite the Alibi on Alexander is Deacon's Corner - if casual diner food fits the bill.

                How about Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar? I've only been there for a function but the canapes that were served were pretty tasty?

                1. re: kinnickinnik

                  If Latitude is too far, there's also The Whip Restaurant & Gallery on E.6th just off Main:

                  Also Nuba, on Seymour @ Davie, open 11:30. The other one on E.3rd just west of Main St. also opens at 11:30:

                  And Eight-1/2 on E.8th just west of Main, opens at 11am:

                  Finally, Crave on Main @ 23rd opens at 9am on Sat/Sun:

            3. re: eatrustic

              FWIW we went to Two Chefs a couple times and loved it, then the quality seemed to fall off and we haven't returned. It is a great room for sure.

          2. We just had brunch/lunch at McLean's a couple of weeks ago. We were offered both menus and even the lounge menu (which had the duck confit poutine). Overall, it was good food - the poutine unfortunately didn't impress me (didn't like goat cheese on it). However, in all it was decent value, presented food was appealing and it was a lovely room. Service was pleasant. Enjoyable Saturday afternoon.