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Mar 18, 2011 04:15 AM

My Polish Market

I just wanted to post a note about My Polish Market in the Hopkins-Bayview area.

I don't know if anyone on this board is interested in Polish/Slavic foods, but I just had a pleasant shopping experience there.

Alll sorts of sausages and meats, good prices, a whole freezer case full of fruit-filled pierogi --not sure if that's good or bad : )

Anyhow, a nice little shop. My little girl got a good-quality bottle of currant juice for .99.

The address is 6208 Eastern Ave.

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    1. re: hon

      I am a huge fan of Sophia's in Broadway Market in Fell's Point. They have a big selection of meats and sausages, and if you let the little old Polish women who show up on Saturday guide you, you'll go home with fantastic food. Try the tongue in jelly and the duck pate -- you won't be disappointed.

      1. re: JonParker

        I have visited My Polish Market. It is a nice store with good variety. There are other Polish food stores that I have visited Krakus Deli on Fleet St. and Sophia's in Broadway Market. Comparing all three I would say that My Polish Market is my new favorite. I have been sold dated cheese at Sophia's and at Krakus Deli, I was sold very very stale Paczi. I will say that Krakus has great smoked meats. I never buy pierogi at the market because I make my own. I have order Pierogi out for dinner. Ze Mean Bean has very good pierogi. Another great place for pierogi is Lauraville Farmers Market on Harford Road on Tuesday's. There is a vendor that serves large pierogi that are great. When I get time, which is rare, I drive to Philadelphia/Port Richmond. There is a Krakus Market located there also. This is my favorite store. There are also a couple Polish Restaurants located all within a few blocks of one another.

        Krakus Deli
        1737 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

        Ze Mean Bean Cafe
        1739 Fleet St, Baltimore, MD 21231

    2. KRAKUS DELI on Fleet Street has wonderful homemade smoked sausages made several times a week but on the weekend- starting Friday- it seems they have the most and the most variety of them. They have the fresh baked goods and bread delivered by Friday morning for the weekend. You need to get them fresh or they do dry out. We make a special run on the weekend when we get a hankering for the foods we grew up with and have never been disappointed.