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GLOBE EARTH comes to Bloor West Village

I alluded to something coming to Bloor West Village in another post, it's going to be a new Globe Earth. The location is 2448 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1R2 which was previously "MY PLACE"

It should be open in 8 to 10 weeks. It's a really large space and can hold over 800 people!


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  1. Great news! I'm very excited about this.

    1. 800 people? Is it a restaurant or a banquet hall?

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        There are different sections, there is a large room that can be used for a wedding that holds a few hundred. I forgot the size for the restaurant, but it is at least 150. The building was once a Loblaws store.

      2. It's good news, yes, but I would have preferred burgers priest, QMP or a new hooked location :-)

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            haha, we can't be choosers in them parts but hopefully they can put together something sustainable unlike my place did... i read they are going to make part of it a bakery for the other locations. That rooftop has a ton of potential lets hope they do it up, unfortunately i just think the space is too big but am crossing my fingers

        1. It's been almost 8 weeks. Any new news?

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            Next week, I thought I saw in some thread somewhere... about the same answer I got when I was at Globe last week.

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              I was told that the first day they will be open for regular business is Saturday May 21.

            2. It was open for business this evening - looks nice inside, really looking forward to checking it out

              1. Here's their website, with menu, some photos, reservations - looking forward to checking it out: http://www.earthbloorwest.com/

                1. Went to Earth Bloor West last night and can say that it is a welcome addition to the Bloor West restaurant scene.

                  Food was up to the Earth brand standards, although I confess we ate light (I had the Roasted Tomato Cappellini and my friend had salad and mussels). They don't have their full wine list operational yet, so the wine choice was limited.

                  The service was "natural" and very smooth, which can sometimes be a feat for a restaurant which has only been open a few days. We arrived fairly early (6-ish) and by the time we left at 8:30, the dining room was about half full.

                  The OP indicated that the place could hold 800, and that might be the case if the downstairs area is bigger than the upstairs (I didn't check it out). Certainly the main level space feels nice (not huge). On the main level they have a separate area a few steps down to the side with a long bar and a few tables that would be nice for just stopping by after work for a drink.

                  Will definitely go back soon.

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                    When I was there I also didn't see room for 800. But that number is based on a room in the basement which can hold a few hundred for a private event, and the capacity of the rooftop deck, which I think was at least 100 people.

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                      Hmmmmm haven't been to the other locations but visited this one tonight. I will not go back. Servers were wonderful. Full menu not available on rooftop patio yet. Nice wine options- only one beer on draught-steam whistle

                      Food presentation nice but OVER salted to the point of......no return

                      Disappointing, my opinion only of course

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                        I have eaten at all three, and have found that they are almost obsessive with making everything all right. To the point of comping dishes sent back, and buying a round for the table to make amends for the delay.

                        Tried this one on the day it opened, and they are trying very hard to solicit feedback. My dishes were fine, and they were good about requests and suggestions.

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                          I was at the new place on the weekend as well - loved it - such a great addition to the west end...
                          I believe any kinks the kitchen may have had will be worked out shortly as they hit their stride, however everything i tried was quite good as well.
                          NIce to have a place like this in the neighbourhood - also, more beers on tap shortly : )

                          1. re: dannyboy

                            I hope this location works.
                            Plan to check it out in the next couple of weeks.

                            BWV is a great area, and needs more restaurants and variety.
                            GLOBE is located in a weird dead zone for business (on Bloor, west of Jane), so hopefully, if successful, it spreads to neighboring businesses (and new business).

                  2. Enjoyed a very nice meal last night at earth Bloor West. Taking over the location for what was formerly Billy Bob's, they've done a nice transformation. Lots of dark wood and open doors at the front to allow breezes in. they also have a rooftop patio.

                    The service was good. Our waiter, Sean, was attentive and gave us a little history and said that they were still ironing the kinks out. The food is sourced locally or as much as possible.

                    We shared the pork bits to start: a piece of very dry, hard to crunch pork crackling; two small triangles of pork head cheese, and two small timbales of pate. The crackling was almost unbreakable. Our entrees were the vegetable tart and I had the chicken supreme, a small quarter on a hash of celeriac and berkshire pork.

                    Because it's in Bloor West Village, and conveniently located next to the recently reopened Humber Cinema, I'm sure I'll be back. I did see others enjoying the burger and fries which looked pretty good ... so lots more to try! 3 stars out of 5.

                    earth Bloor West
                    2448 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M6S 1P7, CA

                    1. Went there tonight and would definitely not recommend it.

                      The service was bad and the food was passable at best. Not nearly as good as the other earth location.

                      What a shame! I was so excited to have this place open in the area.

                      1. Ate there tonight. We too are pulling for them as our corner of the city is gastronomically deprived. Mixed results. Outstanding elk tartare. Sliced tuna that looked (and tasted) like flabby slabs of ham on cardboard greens. Consistently awful presentation of dishes. Delicious, meaty pickerel. Disappointing bouillabaisse special. Good crispy, salty fries. Overall, the experience was skewing towards somewhat positive until we got the pistachio ice cream with the consistency of dirt and even less flavor (they good-naturedly comped it). We will definitely go back as we hope Earth succeeds. As mentioned, our neighborhood needs more of what they are trying to do.

                        1. I went for brunch on the weekend and found it very enjoyable -
                          We started with the 'bakers basket - a selection of homemade pastries/muffins/scones etc. served with a homemade cranberry jam and butter - very nice, all of it, the little one was trying to hoard the scones.
                          I had eggs benny - you can order with spinach, smoked whitefish and pemeal. I got the smoked fish and thought it was great. Eggs were done well, hollandaise was supurb, lemony (could always use a bit more though) and all very tasty... was served with mini potatoes which were good but would have also rather had a few less with a side salad.
                          Also got a side of sausage which was amazing - they have a butcher in the basement and they do ALL their own meats, even the bacon, which the little one had with organic eggs and really seemed to enjoy.

                          The wife had the quiche which was a generous portion that she said she loved and was incredibly fluffy. It was served with a salad (greens) she quite liked their homemade dressing as well. Teenybopper had an omlette and liked that too.
                          I really like the place - i like they aren't stingy with their portions, i like they serve healthy delicious food and i like the price point isn't at all high for the quality food you get.
                          They've done a great job with the space although i think the main dining room lends itself to dinner as it's darker, with wood / stone etc. I know they're still doing reno's so we will see what is next. This is for sure the best place in the neighbourhood and worth supporting - BWV is a wasteland for resto's and finally we have one...
                          One thing i'd do for sure is get a kids menu ( if they haven't yet ) , it's a tricky neighbourhood as most people you're gonna get in the immediate area will tend to have a harem of kids.
                          I think with regard to service, speed etc. i understand they're still working out the kinks in the kitchen and although service was a little slower than i would have liked, all the staff are warm and welcoming.

                          1. I've been to this location of Earth a couple of times. I see that there have been some mixed opinions, but if things continue as well as my last visit, I would say the kinks have been worked out and that Bloor West has acquired a really great and affordable bistro. Even though it is simple ingredient driven cuisine I found enough finesse in the cooking techniques, seasoning, and balance of flavours to elevate it from boring to praise worthy. Some highlights included a tomato gaspacho special, bacon wrapped rabbit with crispy spaetzle, a nicely seared beef tenderloin, a deeply flavoured cakey brownie and the best doughnuts ever. As soon as I cut into the doughnuts I could see they would be great, fluffy, just a little chewy and they came with a carrot ice cream. Other good but basic dishes were the oysters, tuna salad and the scones. The rib eye burger deserves mention because the patty has a great beef flavour, I guess that's to be expected from ground rib eye. My only complaint is the bun needs to be better, as in either light crumb with a crust or brioche like rather then something you would find at a supermarket in a 6 pack bag. One more plus is the steaks are sold by the ounce, so for example I had the 5 oz tenderloin for just under $20. The sides are ordered seperate, but if you are looking to eat light, you can skip these. A final note about decor is that it is black, much like the other Earth location. Something green and living placed on each table would greatly enhance the overall look and add some warmth.

                            1. I went for a brunch a weekend or 2 ago. The bread basket was a highlight - we had 2. Fantastic house made assortment of regular, goat cheese and blueberry themed items. However, the egg dishes were truly awful. I have never sent back a brunch item but the chef's brekkie at Globe was the first. It was supposed to be a skillet with beans, duck confit and poached eggs and a few other items. The dish arrived and the eggs on top came completely rock hard, gray and inedible. I had to send it back and after communicating this to my waitress the hostess actually then came up to me and asked how I would like my poached eggs done for the new dish, implying that somehow it was just the "type" of their poaching that I didn't like and that the dish would have been acceptable to someone else. I said I liked them "poached" as had been described on the menu. She said I must mean I wanted them "soft poached" because clearly I didn't like them "hard poached" which was how their kitchen did them. Whatever. The new dish arrived with the eggs properly poached but now it was cold in the middle. Oh well. They did comp the dish in the end but I didn't really eat much of it anyway. It seemed to be a mess of a dish to me and was missing a few ingredients that had been described on the menu. Everyone else's poached or fried eggs, other than mine, were also way overdone and hard. The omelet my mom ordered came out properly though and she really enjoyed it. From a brunch standpoint for the food I wouldn't go back - it falls well below the other 2 Globes in that regard. Service was very good though - can't fault them for that (other than the odd discussion about poaching). And the bread basket was definitely a winner. I found the atmosphere pretty dark but that is their style, I guess.

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                                When i had the benny there the eggs were perfectly poached - funny yours were so different. A GREY egg? wow, that's a first i haven't seen that before, must have been pretty old or something.
                                The reason the place is packed on the weekend brunch is because it's really good and easily the best in the area. You better keep going to the other ones, because that's more your style, I guess.

                                1. re: dannyboy

                                  Actually I never go to that area for brunch in any event - this was a one off - so not great loss!

                                2. re: Cat123

                                  They seem to have issues with properly cooking eggs. Shortly after the Rosedale location of Earth opened, I ordered the elk tartare and it was served with hard boiled quail eggs. While the tartare was nicely seasoned and balanced, those hard boiled eggs just ruined the dish for me. I would have laughed at what that server said to you about poaching. Ridiculous and quite rude actually.

                                  1. re: Splendid Wine Snob

                                    that must have been it! they kept the egg you didn't eat then gave it to Cat, that's why it was grey!

                                    1. re: dannyboy

                                      Actually a greenish/greyish ring around an egg yolk is a sign of overcooking.

                                3. Is anyone wants to take a chance on this or the Rosedale location, it is featured on fabfind today. I was thinking about it, but, based on the reviews here it doesn't sound like a "destination" spot as I am not in that area that often.

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                                  1. re: ylsf

                                    So you beleive everyone's reviews here and aren't interested to try it out yourself? I tried an Italian place this past Friday that people were discussing recently and it was not very good, even though others seem to love it. For example, just one of the issues was that the salad had many partially rotten bits in it. That's will never happen at Globe. Why not try it yourself? At 50% off, it worth trying.

                                    1. re: foodyDudey

                                      Have you been recently Foodydudey? It was more that I am not in that area generally so I was going to pass because it didn't sound like a spot worth a special trip for vs. a spot in downtown that I might be around more. I might ask a friend that lives in the area if she is planning on getting one and check it out with her one day.

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                                        I don't usually go to either of the EARTH locations as we can walk to Globe Bistro, and we ate there about 10 times since May. I had friends who ate at both the Earth locations and enjoyed it. I heard of some staff problems at the new location but assume those have been fixed by now. A half price coupon for Earth is something that I'd say is worth getting.