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Mar 17, 2011 06:59 PM

Paris restaurant itinerary - please advise

Okay, I posted a few days ago and tried to be very detailed, but I think it backfired because my post was too long and got no response. I'm worried about reservations so I'm posting another, more brief request now, with a proposed itinerary of meals over 8 days in June and a few questions below. My goal is to get a glimpse of what Paris has to offer while keeping costs around or less than 50-70 euro per person per meal (including a shared bottle of inexpensive wine). Your advice would be much appreciated!

Sat - Bistro Volnay or Au Dernier Metro or Les Petit Plats dinner
Sun - oyster lunch, picnic dinner
Mon - La Breizh lunch, Josephine Chez Dumonet
Tues - sandwich lunch, Le Gaigne dinner (or Les Papilles? Le Reminet? La Regalade?)
Wed - Spring (or other modern French) lunch, picnic dinner
Thurs - Chez l'Ami Jean lunch, assembled dinner
Fri - falafel lunch, Le Comptoir (or Le Chateaubriand? Jadis?)
Sat - Bistro Paul Bert lunch, picnic dinner


- Price ranges - are all in the 50-70E range? which would be less, which more?
- I've gotten the impression that Chez Dumonet is a stand-out/must-do among the other options - true?
- In my head I've divided possible options into two categories: classic French (Le Gaigne, Les Papilles, La Regalade, Le Reminet, La Biche au Bois) and modern French (Spring, Frenchie, Le Comptoir, Le Chateaubriand, Jadis). Are these categories accurate, and if so, which of these choices would you consider the best of each group? Or am I missing something else you would recommend instead?
- Would any of the above be especially good for lunch (e.g. a great deal, good menu - I know Le Comptoir is completely different at lunch)
- For an oyster lunch, any thoughts on La Cagouille vs. La Rech vs. Huitrerie Regis?
- Other than Les Papilles and Spring, do any others have only one set menu?
- How far in advance do I need to reserve?

Thanks very much for your help! I promise to report back after the trip.

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  1. for your big deal you might try Hidden Kitchen. It's at the lower end of your big deal budget ( now having read the tome you previously shared) but I suspect you will love the experience. See about reservations immediately.

    Au Dernier Metro is a "can't go wrong."

    I'd bag the oysters for a picnic unless it rains.

    Yah, re JCD.

    Everything else sounds great to me, but there are some concerns you should read up on re CAJ

    Reservations vary, but starting early is always wise.

    Have fun and I apologize that you got by me on your earlier post.

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    1. re: hychka

      Thanks, that's very helpful! I'll look into Hidden Kitchen, hopefully we can get a reservation. I'm happy to splurge a little on it if it's special.

      I was swayed toward CAJ by a recent report saying it was the highlight of a trip, but I'll do a little more research before trying to reserve. Thanks for the warning! If we do skip it, would you particularly recommend Les Papilles, La Regalade, Le Reminet, or La Biche au Bois for a replacement lunch? (not sure if all of them do lunch)

      Would Spring and Le Comptoir be your picks over Frenchie, Le Chateaubriand, or Jadis (or other trendy spots)?

      1. re: julesc

        "If we do skip it, would you particularly recommend Les Papilles, La Regalade, Le Reminet, or La Biche au Bois for a replacement lunch?"

        No. None of them can compare. Therefore don't skip it.
        (But Les Papilles is better than La RĂ©galade and Le Reminet.)

        1. re: Parigi

          "(But Les Papilles is better than La RĂ©galade and Le Reminet.)"

          We have to be twins separated at birth and half a century!

          1. re: mangeur

            separated by half a century? Nuh. But probaby a couple of continents. :-)

    2. I think Breizh is closed on Mondays. Personally, I would pick Huitreie Regis for oysters over La Cagouille, since La Cagouille is a bit out of the way (and for me, not my favorite).

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      1. re: Nancy S.

        Thanks. We may be staying near Breizh so we may just try to go one day without planning ahead. I'll keep the oyster rec in mind. My boyfriend loves oysters and we eat them a fair amount in New England, so it would be fun to have the French experience too.

        1. re: julesc

          As a [point of reference might you be a customer at the Matunuck Oyster Bar? An excellent spot if you're in the area.

          1. re: hychka

            We've never been there but it sounds terrific! We don't have a car so don't do trips that require one too often, but in the Boston area we like East Coast Grill and Neptune Oyster.

            Hidden Kitchen seems to be booked for June but I emailed them to get on the wait list in case of cancellations. Fingers crossed!