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Recent Great Cheap Eats in San Diego

It would be great if anyone wanted to contribute and update this thread.

- Pizza at Newport Pizza in Ocean Beach (ideally accompanied by a beer :-) I love the crust here and the wonderous yeasty smell of the place.

- Grilled Pork Banh Mi at Pho Point Loma - one of the best grilled pork Banh mi's Ive had!

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  1. ramen at Yakyukori Yakitori and Ramen

    1. KR how cheap is cheap :-) What price range are we talking about?

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        well i would say under 10 bucks but the two i gave were under 5 each

      2. Super Concina, had pork in adobo sauce, $3.99 for a small plate, great size for lunch. You can also get a large for $5.99 or a combo choice of 2 for $7.99.

        Marisco's Truck on Univ & 35th., fish taco for $.99 with soup. Always great.

        1. Ranch 99 takeout counter after 7pm. 2 items + white rice for $2.59

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            Wow, that's an amazing deal. Too bad I don't live closer.

            Clearly, they're trying to move the food out before they close so they don't have to toss it. How's the quality of the products and how's the freshness?

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              You're right, it's whatever is sitting in the steam trays at the end of the day. It's still good though since it was probably cooked in the afternoon for the dinner rush.

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                Just an update:

                I went last night and they changed the start time to after 7:30pm for the discount.

          2. My pick is Vine Cottage in La Mesa. I love to get their house salad for $5, really good salad. And I follow that with the lamb chops appetizer, 4 lamb chops of very good quality for $11.

            1. Chicken doner at Kabob Shop in Mira Mesa or downtown. Yum. Don't know how much it is exactly, but definitely less than $10. If you add their awesome fries, it might get to $10, but I doubt it.

              1. Flat breads at Alforon - Soujok or Chicken Tawook - $5.75

                Banh Mi at K-Sandwiches - $2.75

                TJ Oyster Bar - Fish tacos - $0.99 (highly recommended best bang for your buck... see pic)

                - Michael

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                  Another thumb up for Alforon. Great flatbreads and great prices.

                2. New Cali Baguette on Convoy for their Special Dac Biet $3 - this is my new personal favorite banh mi in San Diego - super fresh bread and ingredients

                  Spicy Tako hand roll from Nijiya Market $2.49

                  Nijiya Market
                  3860 Convoy St # 109, San Diego, CA

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                    Thanks for the rec, been by several times but, never stopped. Now I will.

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                      Right now I am loving their #9, egg banh mi for $2.75.