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Mar 17, 2011 05:58 PM

4 Dinners / 5 Lunches in Paris

Do folks get tired of sharing their opinion? Hope not, could SOOOO use some guidance. Here's what I've got for my 4 nights / 5 days in Paris:

Le Reminet
Cafe Breizh
1 lunch at Versailles
Need 2 more recs

Cafe Constant / Les Cocottes
Josephine Chez Dumonet
Frenchie OR Le Regalade Saint Honore

We're staying in Saint Germain, but flexible on location. I would like to keep prices in the vicinity of the restaurants above, though no hard requirements.

Could you help with recommendations on the following:
- Are any of these no-gos?
- Are any of these too similar, and I should pick one over the other?
- Help on lunch, please!
- Need a perfect "farewell, Paris" lunch, too!

I am well aware that this is a frequent topic - have been researching for a while now, so many, many kind thanks for your help!

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  1. Re lunch ...I'd add le Comptoir du Relais ( a bit tight but excellent food and a bargain) and a picnic in a park or on le Pont Des Arts.

    Food at Versailles is a problem. Search "Versailles" above and you'Ll find some good advice...we did a picnic.

    LRSH seems to be out of favor with some and loved by others...go figure.

    Have fun and write back telling us what you did and how it went....

    1. My only qualm is, as it is most often re questions about scheduling restaurants, substantial lunches before substantial dinners. I know that I can't do it. My husband starts to revolt after a week of full dinners even though we always go light at lunch.

      For us, a quite adequate lunch is dim sum, a falafel, sandwich or salad. This allows us a little wiggle room for wine and cheese or pastry and tea in our room in late afternoon followed by a several hour dinner. We can do no more. i.e., We can't do a 3 course lunch plus opportunistic snack and dinner.

      Check out the menu at Le Reminet, a modest restaurant.

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      1. re: mangeur

        To your point, we have a breakfast in the apartment of bagette and jam, maybe eggs, may e cheese and a pastry with juice and real coffee. Lunch is our "big restaurant" meal to take advantage of the lower lunch costs. Dinner we more often than not eat in with treasures mined in the open air markets we walked to that day.

        May sound dull, but after all that walking we are pretty tired by evening and enjoy tasting different wines and relaxing in the apartment. Spending a lot of money on big dinners just isn't our style. And, I have a constant "Battle of the Bulge" to worry about. When we do go out at night, it is usually for something light.

        But, of course, we are old.

      2. "Cafe Constant / Les Cocottes
        Josephine Chez Dumonet
        Frenchie OR Le Regalade Saint Honore"

        Is it just I? I find La Régalade SH and the Constants somewhat alike. And La Régalade has not been getting good reviews recently, unlike when it first opened, when I had a few good meals there.
        If I were already going to a Constant, I would give La Régalade a miss this time and try something else.

        Among your picks, Frenchie offers a relatively light meal, or at least is not gut-busting, and you do not leave the resto moaning in pain.
        If all restos are like that, you can dine out twice a day and still find the experience enjoyable.

        JcD is the gut-buster. Plan to skip a meal before and walk home after.

        I would also add Dans Les Landes and Saturne before Fish, but again that's just I.

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        1. re: Parigi

          JcD is the gut-buster. Plan to skip a meal before and walk home after.

          Even if you live in Beaune

          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

            I've come across this reply three times as I cross ref my Paris meal list for an upcoming trip, and I laugh every single time. This time I snorted. Definitely adding JcD to my list.

          2. re: Parigi

            Is Dans Les Landes a pork heavy menu? I'm interested to try it but I do not eat pork....

            1. re: bethandben

              "Is Dans Les Landes a pork heavy menu?"

              We had quail, duck, baby squid, razor clam... and pork chorizos, says this happy omnivore.

              1. re: Parigi

                Any thoughts of Dans Les Landes vs Spring Wine Bar or are the two totally different experiences and not even comparable?

                1. re: bethandben

                  Not comparable.
                  Dans Les Landes is quite good, but Spring is in a class by itself.

                  1. re: Parigi

                    Any thoughts on how difficult it may be to obtain a table for 2 at Spring Wine Bar on a Saturday night?

                    1. re: bethandben

                      I did not notice any indication of your dates.
                      The best is to call and ask.

                      1. re: Parigi

                        Is there a secret to getting them to answer the phone? Tried for 2 straight days and got answering machine >10x.


                        1. re: uhockey

                          Try to call about 30 minutes before meal times on opening days. Noon or 7pm Paris would be a good bet.

                          1. re: Parigi

                            Cheers - just tired of the answering machine. :-)
                            The rest of our hit-list has been relatively simple with a bit of help.


                          2. re: uhockey

                            Go there and kick them in the nuts.

                            1. re: souphie

                              Great idea. That way they always answer.

                              1. re: Parigi

                                Call me Cartman. In fact, I might change my login...

                              2. re: souphie

                                Seemed a very American answer - then I saw the Cartman reference which confirmed it. Perhaps Chef Rose would appreciate the return to his roots?


                                1. re: uhockey

                                  Oh, right, you were talking about Spring. Could as well have been Frenchie...

              2. Ok, thanks for feedback and for slight detour on Spring. : ) I am now really afraid of overeating, so I have trimmed the list down. Here are my thoughts...

                Le Reminet
                Cafe Breizh
                Le Comptoir du Relais
                n/a - Versailes

                Josephine Chez Dumonet
                Dans Les Landes or Fish
                Le Cigale Recamier??
                Le Florimond??

                A few questions:
                1) I understand that Josephine Chez Dumonet is a "gut-buster" per posts on this thread, so that will be our biggest dinner of the week. Other than pick-up at the market snack type ventures are there any other restaurants you would recommend for "lighter dinners" (i.e. a la carte, as opposed to prix fixe)?
                2) When and how do we do one of the Cafes? Thinking Cafe Deux Magots.
                3) Do I need to spice this up with a fancier restaurant? Are my selections too boring / standard?

                Many , many thanks!!!!

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                1. re: coleyas

                  I wouldn't drop Frenchie unless there can be no reservations, and even then I'd go over and beg for one. The meal there isn't oppressively heavy.

                  1. re: hychka

                    "are there any other restaurants you would recommend for "lighter dinners" "

                    "Frenchie… Tbe meal there isn't oppressively heavy."

                    That's what I said but it seems the OP did not register...

                    1. re: Parigi

                      "You can lead a horse to water..." but you can't make 'em eat at Frenchie.

                      1. re: hychka

                        How did I miss Frenchie in my follow-up? Definitely first on my list. I have asked Amex to try for ressies there amongst other places above.

                        I also added L'Atelier du Joel Robuchon for a fancier din. Is there any place comparable that is better liked?

                        Thank you soooooooo much for the feedback on all my questions. Will send you back a write up!

                  2. re: coleyas

                    "When and how do we do one of the Cafes? Thinking Cafe Deux Magots."

                    If you must do a St Germain café, do the Flores and not Deux Magots. The 1st floor is the place where celebs lie low.The ground floor is more see-&-be-seen.

                    My fave cafés in Paris are:
                    - Café A, improbably next to Gare de l'Est, very quiet, very secret.
                    - Chez Prune on Canal St Martin. Don't eat there! It is only for coffee and people-watching.
                    - ditto Café Charbon in Oberkampt and La Fourmi on rue des Martyrs (in fact same management)
                    - Gocce di Caffe in Passage Panoramas, if you are serious about your coffee.
                    - Other good coffee spots are: Place St Honoré (there are several cafés; all nice), Vavin.
                    When to go? Mid to late afternoon, when people wind down and get flirtatious.

                    1. re: Parigi

                      Gocce di Caffe is indeed serious coffee, thanks to
                      Souphie for this one