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Mar 17, 2011 04:52 PM

A dream cafe opens in Calgary - what would you serve?

I was recently living in Vancouver and was amazed by the number of independently owned restaurants and cafe's to choose from. I'm not saying that everyplace we ate was serving the most amazing food, but as a born and raised Calgarian I am just more accustomed to seeing the large chain's dominate. It was a nice change of pace.

A few places that I fell in love with served fresh bread, homemade sandwiches and the coffee was freshly roasted. There was even a place called Meat & Bread and they serve just that - meat on bread. What would your dream cafe or restaurant serve? What kinds of foods are we missing in Calgary?

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  1. So funny. I actually was born and raised in Vancouver. And I feel about Calgary how you do about Vancouver. I love Wa's, Petite, Shwarma Knights, Crazyweeds, Vendome, Gnocchi's, Shijijki's, Moti Mohal,and Local 510.

    But do you know what I miss most ? Oyster poboys, oyster sandwiches, fried oysters, raw oysters... I think it would be awesome to have a restaurant that specialized in oysters. I like the big fat oysters. Another thing I miss is a late night poutine spot in downtown core.

    Vendome Cafe
    940 2 Ave NW, Calgary, AB T2N 0E6, CA

    Local 510
    510 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2S 0A9, CA

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      Did you know that a new poutine restaurant opened on 17th Ave? It's where Nelly's used to be (the on near Melrose). Not sure if it's open late night but it's likely.

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        YEAAAAA FRIED OYSTERS! I would go for that too. In New Orleans I had a breaded and deep fried oyster served on the half shell coated with hot wing sauce and topped with Bleu Cheese. If you are doing Oysters... add that!

      2. Check out the menu at the VORTEX in Atlanta Georgia. I want to eat the Trailer Park Cheeser (a fried Pimento Cheese sandwich with Bacon) with a side of fried Plantaines... followed by a heart attack but you said "dream".

        1. I like this Meat and Bread concept! I love homemade bread but it seems all of the bakeries I've been to here, serve fresh european style bread. The type that is referred to as 'toothsome' and a little difficult to bite through the crust, although tastey, I would love to find a place that made the good old homemade loaves. You know the soft, white kind that the prairie farm wife made back in the day?! And I'm not talking Wonder Dough, or Safeway 'in house' crap. I would love to find sandwiches made with this kind of bread, FRESH, filled with a simple whole roast turkey or baked ham with a bone. Maybe I'm an old farmer at heart?! This is what I would eat every day!