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Mar 17, 2011 04:48 PM

Cornercopia - Brixton Village Market [London]


Anyone know if the restaurant is BYO?

Thanks, Peter

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  1. googling 'cornercopia byo' brings up a blog saying 'used to be BYO but they now have licence and serve carafes of red for £7 (which I haven’t tried it yet but will next time).'

    1. Last time I went we had a nice bottle of Rioja. Not sure if they're still doing the carafes, but that was a very drinkable red as well.

      1. Yeah, it's not BYOB anymore. When I was last there there were two reds - one priced by glass/larger glass/bottle and one solely by the bottle, and a very reasonable white (I think £11 for the bottle). Also they do a selection of ales from the Kernal brewery which you might know from Maltby St market.

        I think I tried the same Rioja as greedygirl (either way, it was lovely). Next time I'll have to find out what exactly it was.