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Mar 17, 2011 03:53 PM

*HELP* Rittenhouse Restaurants and "simple" food?

I am about to stay in Philly this weekend.

Bringing my in-laws (lucky me) and their palate is LIMITED, big time.

Within WALKING distance of the Rittenhouse Hotel (18th/19th/chestnut).....

*Authentic Indian Food?


Can anyone suggest something like this in walking distance of the Rittenhouse hotel....and how long a walk it might be?

Thank you.

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  1. Pizza-joint pizza or more authentic (Venetian, at least), Italian pizza? Cichetteria 19 is very close by the hotel, they do Venetian pizza and have some more adventurous things as well.

    Only Indian I can think of remotely close is the Philadelphia Chutney Company, but that's more take-out than sit-down food.

    1. No Indian around those parts.

      For sit down pizza that is not a fast food atmosphere, you could go to Pietro's Coal Oven Pizza on Walnut. Slightly more upscale: Parc, Continental, Dandelion Pub have large menus with something for everyone, including limited and more adventurous eaters. A bit more casual: Devil's Alley has decent pub/"American" food; again, something for everyone. And there is always Marathon Grill. Another idea is Famous 4th St Deli (19th St location), Jewish deli should have plenty to please.

      All are 5 min from hotel.

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        Devil's Alley is good - took the teens there last fall after Temple's Homecoming game. Both of them had burgers, I had the vegetarian chili. Warning - do not order the chili unless you can tolerate Hot!Hot!Hot! I'm pretty good with heat, but it was too much for me.

        And... Depending on your in-laws, they may find the atmosphere a bit off-putting. I know my parents would. Devil's Alley is self explanatory.

      2. noo dont go to cichetteria!! unless its improved vastly...i would not risk bringing in laws there

        no indian in those parts

        what meals will you be eating? day by day (21st and sansom i think) is good for brunch- although it gets very crowded. salento would be my pick for a cheap dinner with picky eaters (italian food). and rachel's is another very delicious jewish deli near you for lunch. youre also right near matyson- another one of my favorites for lunch. you should def stop at capogiro gelato and la colombe (coffee) if youre in the area

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          Parc is easy. Just walk out the door of the hotel and cross Rittenhouse Square and there is the restaurant. So, that's about 1/4 of a block. They have an excellent roasted chicken, salads, French onion soup, etc.

          1. re: DaisyM

            We were at Parc last week. I would say the menu would suit your needs.