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Jan 10, 2006 06:41 PM

Where to buy Medjool Dates?

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yes, i'm trying to replicate those incredible dates from AOC. does anyone know where i can buy medjool dates?


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  1. Not too hard to find. I've bought them at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods.

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    1. A.O.C. buys their produce from the Santa Monica Farmer's Markets. I believe they get the Medjool dates from DaVall Dates from Indio. At the Wednesday Farmer's Market, the DaVall stand is located on 2nd Ave. off of Wilshire. I hope that helps.

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        Agree. The medjools at the good farmers markets (Santa Monica and Hollywood, in particular) are generally a cut above what one gets in the local TJs/supermarkets, etc. Or, drive out to Mecca by the Salton Sea and get them from the source. (I personally feel that all true date lovers have an obligation, at least once in their lives, to make the pilgrimage to Mecca for a date shake and a case or two of medjools.)

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          LOL, I was at my friends, who happens to be muslim, house yesterday. I *had* to show him your post. He laughed and whole heartly agreed!

      2. I've seen them at Costco...

        1. There are Medjools...and then there are great Medjools. We have had many, but I prefer the ones at Bristol Farms in the produce area, straight from the box. These are probably comparable to the ones at the Farmer's Market, but they are certainly (imho) superior to the ones at other markets around.

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            Bristol Farms definitely doesn't have decent dates anymore. This thread led me to the Hollywood branch, yesterday. Bulk is gone...the produce guy told me that it was the result of customers treating it as a buffet then getting indignant if called on it. The Medjools that he claimed were the same but pre-packaged, were of fancy grade, mediocre quality and were $7.50 for a 12oz pack!
            The ONLY place in LA for consistently high-quality dates at a good price (that I've found) is ELAT MARKET (Jewish/Iranian) on Pico @ Robertson. Amazing Medjools for $5.99/lb and, currently Rotab Medjools for $3.99/lb, as well as a couple of other varieties. All bulk style.

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              The Nut Man at ELAT is a real throwback.. I stop there whenever I am in the area and have time. Watchout for the customers in the Produce section, they will run over your toes when seeking a good deal out on tomatoes..

          2. i too trying to replicate the dates at aoc went out looking for them. i got some from the saturday santa monica farmer's market. they were a lot bigger than the ones at aoc and expensive too at $5.50 for about 16 pieces. or is that cheap? 16 pieces would go quick with 3-4 people. but the dates looked like they were in tip top shape.


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              I have a bag right here of Honey Dates (not suitable for what you are doing but my favorite for eating) from Dates by Davall. 760-398-1070 You can find out which farmers' market they go to that is closest to you. I see them at the Saturday market at Pasadena High School.

              1. re: Fru

                Those Honey Dates are my favourite, too! So...squoooshy.
                The fellow who sells them is a complete sweetheart, too, really ready to help people try dates who are a little squeamish about them (my Tall Dark and Handsome Husband is a recent convert). He'll help you pick a date that is appropriate for certain recipes as opposed to just eating out of the bag.

                1. re: khh1138

                  I have been a regular of theirs for years. I love to support independent farmers. Especially like you say someone who is a "complete sweetheart".