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Mar 17, 2011 02:33 PM

What is "canned cream of coconut"?

I'm going through some old recipes of mine and my mother's. Came across of chicken wings recipe that should pretty good. But one of the ingredients for the sauce is "canned cream of coconut." Does anyone know what that is? Thanks.

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  1. My immediate thought was something like this:

    especially since it was an older recipe.

    1. If the recipes are old, then I'm pretty sure they are calling for Coco Lopez. If you live in the US, you can find it at liquor stores or in the bar mixer/soda aisle of your local supermarket. Otherwise, you may have to order it online. It is full of chemicals that don't taste very good, so I'd just substitute a full fat canned coconut milk and maybe increase the sugar in the sauce.

      1. Very interesting. I think I might sub also. It was clearly clipped from a magazine and it's on shiny paper. My mother died in '75. Supposedly it's "African" chicken wings :) Also has peanut butter in it.

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          If this is meant to be an African curry type dish, I can only imagine that the recipe refers to coconut cream, the rich first pressing of coconut milk. Coco Lopez cream of coconut just doesn't fit the flavor profile I think your recipe is going for.

        2. Coco Lopez, Coco Goya and probably a few others are sweetened and thickened coconut "milk" that is basically coconut and sugar, with the usual stabilizers in processed food, likely xanthan gum. Nothing at all wrong with it, and the key ingredient in a pina colada. Its toothachingly sweet however, so if its going on chicken wings, count me out. Recipe is likely inspired by "Polynesian" food of the Trader Vic's variety.

          1. Oddly enough, just this week I happened to be cooking one of those 'elderly' recipes that I have had on hand since the '70's...the ones you are going to try someday.

            It was a North American version of Rice and Pea and it called for 1/2 can of ''Cream of Coconut" to be combined for the usual 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice.

            I substituted a decent full-fat canned coconut milk and it worked just fine for this recipe.I also added a good heft of Scotch Bonnet pepper and fresh thyme, rather than the pallid hint of heat and dried herb that the original called for.

            I was partially motivated by concerns that the cream would make the dish too sweet and partially that I firmly believe that Coco Lopez has a place and that it most properly belongs in Pina Colada... On the dock... In the summer... With the 'girls'. ..You get the picture.

            Good luck with those sticky wings-sounds like something I might serve on that dock!

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              The only time I've used the really sweet stuff was for a Puerto Rican version of Eggnog (from Daisy Martinez), which also used evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk.

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                I think I better make 'em one of these days. Still seriously winter here (couple more feet of snow forecast over the next two days) so I think I'll wait a tad.