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Mar 17, 2011 02:15 PM

Great deals at Costco [Canada]

it was mentioned in another thread that this might warrant a thread on its own i agreed

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  1. i'll start, has anyone tried the baguettes, i haven't had the chance( hopefully tommorow) yet but must say they are some of THE best looking i have ever seen

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    1. re: vandan

      Hopefully they'll taste as good as they look ;-)

      1. re: vandan

        I have tried them at a dinner party and I thought they were pretty good. I have wanted to buy them myself but have never had enough time to go to Costco the day of a dinner party and pick them up.

        1. re: vandan

          five star quality. love a good sourdough baguette.

          1. re: Chowrin

            Agreed - they're fabulous. Our Costco frequently offers samples in the afternoon hours (3-5pm).

        2. I like the olive oil (not the organic one) and the triangular whole wheat buns. Also the little French green beans.

          1. Just noticed some maple butter today. Smeared on honey wheat toast and butter, it was great.

            1. Thanks for kicking this one off vandan!

              Is it the fresh baguettes you mean (in baked good section). They're ok and a good value but a bit stodgier than I like my baguette to be (I usually get mine at Patisserie Lebeau).

              My recent finds:
              Greek Gods honey yogurt. Wickedly rich and creamy (10%!) and gently honey sweetened. Delish!
              Huge box of steel cut oats in the cereal section. Has fortified me over this dreary winter (especially when topped with sliced almonds and dried cherries, also from Costco)
              Farro wheat (big bag for about what I pay for a small one elsewhere).

              Good finds I can usually count on finding:
              Olive oil (the Tuscan one)
              Grapeseed oil (for frying - huge bottle at a very reasonable price)
              Chicken (not necessarily cheaper than elsewhere but convenient), beef
              Coffee (great price for a couple of Ethical Bean types and one Salt Spring)
              Dubliner cheddar and various other cheeses.

              Good finds that came and went (and I'm regularly looking for):
              Kirkland Spanish almonds (see them in WA state sometimes but not here for years)
              Kirkland Rwandan coffee (very dark roast, lovely floral notes)
              Duso's goat cheese ravioli (so good with the also gone Dave's Butternut Squash sauce)
              Victoria White Linen pasta sauces (especially the Marinara).

              sure many Costco finds are available elsewhere but often at twice the price.

              Patisserie Lebeau
              1728 W 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC V6J, CA

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              1. re: kinnickinnik

                Costco has french baguettes and some rustic Italian long bread - THAT is fantastic - really good chew, and if it's warm when I pick it up at least 1/3 is gone before I get home. I find freezes well and makes for great parmesan/garlic bread.

                I keep hearing about this White Linen pasta sauce but don't recall ever sseeing it available in Metro Vancouver?

                1. re: Quattrociocchi

                  Could those rustic italian loaves be the ciabatta loaves that that sell in pairs , the ones that sit right beside the baguettes(also sold in 2s) that I was referring to, if so I totally have my eyes on those as well

                  1. re: vandan

                    The ciabatta loaves are excellent, chewy and delicious, at around $4.50 for two loaves. Also the Bagettes next to them are also great, same price or a little more. I cut them into smaller bagettes and freeze them, fresh or defrosted they are delicious.

                  2. re: Quattrociocchi

                    I've only seen the Marinara once, the basil a few times. I look every time I'm there (downtown) and will report if I see any!

                  3. re: kinnickinnik

                    That honey yogurt sounds good ! When we were in Greece years ago, that's a traditional brekkie item, along with bread, hardboiled eggs and tiropita. Mmmmm.

                    1. re: kinnickinnik

                      Hi, a little late here but wondering what section you find the farro in Costco, maybe I have been there too late as with Costco if you don"t buy it it won"t be there the next time. Thx in advance

                      1. re: tommyl

                        the downtown Vancouver store had it in the cereal section IIRC. It's been several weeks since my last trip there but it was still in stock then.

                      2. re: kinnickinnik

                        seen today downtown White Linen Vodka sauce, has anyone tried it ??

                        1. re: vandan

                          Found the sauce not quite ready for prime time, almost like the alcohol was too present. Perhaps it is was eaten with a cheese ravioli is would be better ( I tossed some fusilli in it)

                          1. re: vandan

                            I did pick some up (huge fan of their marinara) but haven't tried it yet. I'll let you know how it goes (thinking of making a shrimp based sauce with it).

                            1. re: vandan

                              Saw this today in Richmond and bought it because I remembered "something" about it on CH. Unfortunately I didn't remember that it wasn't considered that good : (

                          2. Parmesan cheese (blocks, not shredded - I don't know how the price of the shredded stuff compares). You have to buy a big block, but it is at least $10 / kilo cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. We usually split a block with friends.

                            Frozen edamame is also a much better price than elsewhere.