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Carrying Case for Wine and Stemware

I've been looking for a tote bag that's designed to hold a bottle of wine and two full-size wine glasses. I've got a bag that holds a bottle and two small acrylic glasses, but when I'm toting a nice bottle, I really don't enjoy drinking it out of plastic. I've seen the Riedel carrying case, but that's designed primarily to hold stemware; I doubt that it could hold a bottle AND two glasses.

Does anyone have a tote bag to recommend? Thanks!

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  1. I'd try asking the wine board =-)

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      I toyed with that Idea before posting here. I think I'll do that. Thanks!

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        That's slightly better than what I have now, only because the glasses aren't acrylic. But they're only 5 ounces -- smaller than a juice glass.

      2. buy two small stems that would fit in the bag?

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          Yes, I thought of that, but they'd have to be really tiny glasses. The other option I've been considering is buying stemless glasses, although I don't love drinking from them.

        2. l have a hard side briefcase sized that carries up to 2 bottles and 2 glasses. Infinitely changeable. Bought as camera case. Wonderful.

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            Now THAT'S a creative, "out of the box" idea. Thanks.

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              Yes, those wonderful customizable camera cases, took alot of battering too. I loved mine, almost as much as I loved the cameras it held.

            2. I've seen this carrier in person and it has everything you could want, including the ability to replace the two plastic 'glasses' with much larger real stemware in the same place or in the larger compartment behind them. Maybe too much but it's pretty cool for picnics, concerts or just travel.


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                That's really nice, but waaaaay more capacity than I was looking for. And the glasses are still small and plastic.

              2. You might consider these: http://www.rei.com/product/798283

                Not acrylic, they're lexan, so they are far more scratch- and craze-resistant than acrylic. Light, unbreakable, and they pack into themselves, so you can't snap the stems.

                They impart no flavor or odor, are BPA free, and not expensive. They also, because of the strength of the lexan, have a thin lip like a nicer glass flute. (Let's be realistic -- it ain't ever gonna feel like crystal, but I'm not ever gonna take my crystal hiking with me, either.


                We keep 4 of them in our picnic basket, and get rave reviews from everyone who sees them, and even raver reviews from those who use them.

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                  Thanks -- I really like those. I just ordered a pair. They're on back order but I ought to have them in plenty of time for picnic season. Thanks again, sunshine.

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                    Hope you like them as much as we do!

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                      It's funny how I can get so caught up in an idea, I fail to see alternative solutions. I was convinced that what I needed was a different tote bag; I never stopped to consider that maybe what I needed was a different type of wine glass that would fit into the bag I've got now. It never crossed my mind that there might be an acceptable, non-glass option.

                      Once again I'm reminded of why I {HEART} Chowhound. Thanks!