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Mar 17, 2011 11:59 AM

Gourmet maraschino cherries?

My husband is into Rob Roys lately and I would like to find a really good maraschino cherry. Those neon ones are awful. When cherry season comes I'll make my own, but any suggestion for brands in the meantime?

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    1. Don't know the brand, but Whole Foods sells them, and they're definitely not neon. They're also unlikely to be cheap, but I can't imagine you'd go thru them quickly enough to notice the cost.

      1. The Luxardo cherries are very good, but the Amazon site Trish linked to of $18 plus $8.20 for shipping is a bit steep. The quality liquor store near me sells them for $20 per jar. Not cheap, but better than $26.20 delivered. they do last quite a while, and are really yummy and worth every penny.