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Mar 17, 2011 10:05 AM

Swiss Chalet, Bellamy & Eglinton - Location Closed?

I drive past this location on my way home from work and the parking lot has been empty all week. I noticed right away, because it's usually packed at that time of the evening. Does anyone know what's going on? I've been ordering from and dining at this location for 40 years, and even worked there for a few months back in the late '80s. They just renovated a couple of years's seems weird that they would shut it down now.

My next closest location is at Lawrence and Kingston Rd, and I've had problems nearly every time I've gone there. Damn.

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  1. There was a really terrific waiter there named Jim. Does anyone know if he'll be working at a different location? He's a bit of an oddball, but a great waiter who anticipates your every need without being intrusive (unless you chat him up).

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      Well that didn't take long. I found Jimmy working at the Milner & Morningside location. He told us they had a standing offer to hire him there, but he had better hours at Bellamy (no weekends). Milner is one of my regular locations, so I will definitely get to enjoy his great service again.

    2. Looks like they are. A quick scan of their Toronto area locations no longer lists this spot. It's a shame. I had a lot of good meals there.

      1. i was told it was closed for a 6 month renovation to the interior

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          I don't recall a Swiss Chalet at Bellamy & Eglinton. What corner was it on-north, south etc.

          1. re: Herne

            North west; across from the GO station.

            Sign is now gone from the parking lot

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            Wow, they only renovated that location a few years ago. Jimmy, the waiter I mentioned above, just said it was "closed" (no mention of renovations). I'll have to ask him next time I'm there.

            1. re: CeeQueue

              Noooo, they've never renovated that location. It was truely "old school" Swiss Chalet. But I can't imagine why the would close other than to renovate??? That place was jammed every day! Maybe they're doing the Major new and improved upgrade?

              1. re: Connoisseur

                Last time I ate there the waitresses were still wearing those Swiss maids outfits =). I've had some good 1/4 dinners there and they used to load you up on fries. I hope it's just for renos and not completely gone. I'd hate to see another condo go up =P.

                1. re: scarberian

                  I know what you mean about "loading you up on fries." Some of the other locations seem so stingy by comparison.

                  Definitely too many condos going up in that area along Eglinton and Kingston Roads.

                2. re: Connoisseur

                  They definitely changed the seating around, putting in more booths in the middle section where it used to be open tables, and they replaced the upholstery and put in some of those semi-circular tables a la The Mary Tyler Moore show (so good for having everyone facing the camera, lol). They also added a bunch of curio cabinet-type things filled with odd bits of "art" and kitsch. The take-out counter area was redone as well, and the lobby/waiting area. The kitchen is different from when I worked there. I don't know what you mean by reno, but I think those all qualify. Certainly the outside of the building was pretty old-school, and they still had the wooden beams inside. Perhaps they're doing some major remodeling this time, but I have a feeling it's gone for good.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. I contacted corporate head office, as this Swiss Chalet location was my most favourite, as the servers were always nice and the food was always fully cooked and tasty (totally cannot say the same thing for the Lawrence/Kingston Rd. location).

                I was told they had several calls about this issue and were actively trying to get a response from their planning department as to whether the store was closed for good, or just temporarily.

                It only took twenty minutes to get a reply, and it kind of makes me happy.

                "I just got off the phone with you about the Swiss Chalet located at 2990
                Eglinton at the corner of Bellamy and Eglinton. I was able to confirm that
                they are tearing down the old building and erecting a new one, so the
                Swiss Chalet will be reopening at that spot we hope sometime in late
                summer or early fall.

                At least the news wasn't all bad :)

                Best regards,

                Paul B"

                I'm a bit disappointed, as I liked that locations layout and know that it was one of the original Swiss Chalet locations, so it's like a piece of history is being taken away. I can only hope that they reconstitute the same "team" when they re-open ... it wouldn't be the same with new cooks/servers.

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                1. re: noncromulant

                  Thanks for the detective work, Paul. I see they have already torn up the parking lot and erected a big blue construction fence around the perimeter.

                  I have to agree with you about the Lawrence/Kingston Rd store. I've had problems there nearly every time I've visited in the last few years. I was there on Sunday and though my food was fine, the service was sloppy. Our server was friendly and pleasant, but neglected us for long periods of time, and took so long to bring my mother's dessert that I completely forgot she'd even ordered it. No excuse really, as they weren't even busy by then.

                  I hope the new facilities don't ruin the experience the way the Scarborough Town Centre location does. That place gets SO loud, and feels so cafeteria-like. I suppose the acoustics are a holdover from its days as a Krispy Kreme, so hopefully that won't be repeated anywhere else.

                  The Milner/Morningside location is nice, though (and fairly new), and as I mentioned above my favourite waiter ended up there, which is a bonus.

                  1. re: noncromulant

                    I read somewhere that this location is reopening on November 7th. I'm not sure if that's official, but it wouldn't surprise me. I drove by last night and it looks finished and ready to open. Probably just doing some last-minute decorating stuff and then training the staff. I hope it's still one of the 'good' Swiss Chalets.

                      1. re: Brain of J

                        good to know that some of the old haunts are still alive and kicking...can't say as though i miss the Pondarosa that was located next door