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Mar 17, 2011 09:46 AM

Zed's - very nice experience

In the last ten days I had two dinners there and enjoyed both.
The place itself is very open and airy. There is a huge patio and a surprisingly nice view. They are intending to add live music. We were seated in a room that is suitable for groups, but it was just as open and airy as the rest or the place.
I had the meatloaf on the first visit and found it much different than what Mom used to put on the table. Zed's was a mixed-meat combination and molded into 4x1x1inch blocks that were broiled or baked. They were moist and flavorful.
Second visit was fried catfish and the former "best" was the now-closed Mama Roux. Whoever is doing the frying really knows their business. The fish was served blisteringly hot, with a perfect crispy coating. It was cooked to the core without making it rubbery. Very nice.
The service was very good on both occasions.
This place is on my list of places to return to.

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  1. next time get the Potpie... yummy...and the dip sandwich which I stole a taste from was pretty good too...the stuffed caps are good also

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    1. re: girloftheworld

      I used to love the chicken potpie, but I think something has changed in the past couple of weeks. Not so great, anymore.

      1. re: RoxieB

        oh that is sad to hear... we went to celebrate my regional science fair win and it was still good... Molecular Gastronomy: Eating up Science.. we are supouse to go bake tonight too,, now I dont know what to order

    2. Potpie is really good and gumbo is great. I think the meatloaf has veal in it.