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Mar 17, 2011 08:33 AM

If you Can Stand another Pizza Review..PLEASE READ! Salerno's in Hazlet

Ok hounders...I've found another Pizza Mecca for you all to try. Located on Bethany Road in Hazlet, Salerno's took over the Olive & Bean Space about a year or so ago. I've been a follower of Vic's, Vesuvio & I must put Salerno's on the list! Excellant thin crust pizza, tasty almost buttery cheese and just the right amount of suace. I like their sausage pizza which is made with thin sliced link sausage as opposed to the loose "chunks" some pizzarias use. Honestly can't believe that Im going out of the box here, but here goes. The main reason Ive been prompted to write about it was my kids. We were ordering pizza and they said "Dad, you gotta try Salerno's Buffalo Chicken Pizza". I never ever go for those new wave pizza's being the traditionalist. But as anyone with kids knows..its easier to go with the flow. WELL.....I was totally shocked at what came to the door. The Buffalo Chicken Pizza is a total gastroomic delight. The crust is as thick as a Sicilian, light airy and super crispy on the outside. The crust is first topped with a thin layer of Mozzarella which prevents the heavy moist topping from permeating it. I would venture to say that about a pound or more of tender (not over cooked) chicken breast chunks coated with hot sauce top the mozzarella. Now heres the kicker...a thin blended blue cheese sauce is swirled all over the chicken. An amazing harmony of flavor and believe it or not, the crust stays crisp enough so that you can pick up a slice and not wear it! A true feat considering the weight of this pie. So if any of you out there are contemplating stepping out of the "Pizza Box" I would highly reccomend this place. No website as of yet.

80 Bethany Road
Hazlet, NJ 07730

732 264 9515

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  1. Anthony's Coal Fired recently opened in Edison. I haven't been, but it got rave reviews...

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