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Mar 17, 2011 07:55 AM

King Fung Garden Chinatown, any recent expereinces

It's been years since I have been to the original C-town outpost. Any one been recently, particularly for the Peking Duck. I've been to KF2 in brookline a few times, and have generally been underwhelmed, and downright disappointed with the Peking Duck I ordered in Brookline. Hoping the chinatown version still has some magic. thanks

King Fung Garden
74 Kneeland St, Boston, MA 02111

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  1. i stopped going there after the sale; the food was not up to its old standards. I have not had any recent experience.

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    1. re: cambridgedoctpr

      Based on a duck dinner at the Chinatown location a couple weeks ago, it is back up to its old standards. Totally bringing their A-game. In fact, the duck was better than I remember it from a couple years ago, pre-sale. The skin was crisped up PERFECTLY.

      1. re: Alcachofa

        Good to hear! What else did you have besides duck?

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          We had some great chow mein, made with house-made noodles. Also, string beans with pork, which was also made well--not too gloppy, tasty sauce. Oh, and the scallion pancakes were excellent as well. All around, not a clunker in the bunch.

          Just a couple pics here:

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          I agree - better than I remembered from before the sale. Not only was the skin / meat course fantastic, the stir-fry was much improved. It used to be a bit soggy and washed-out; this one was excellent. The other dishes were tasty as well.

      2. It is my understanding that the C-town is owned by different people and is essentially a different restaurant with the same name and essentially the same menu.

        I have ordered takeout from the Brookline one (owned by the people who used to own the original C-town King Fung) and agree that it is not quite as good as it used to be in C-town. I'm wondering though if it is because I used to go and eat at the restaurant and now I'm transporting it home so it isn't as "fresh." I'm interested in hearing other people's opinions of the Brookline one and whether eating in restaurant is the same as in the original C-town one.

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          I've had their food many times, first in Chinatown and then since they moved to Brookline. Both takeout and eating there. Of course, the food is never as good when eaten as takeout, but I think it remains excellent. The Peking Duck is as good as ever (but is a dish that doesn't do well being taken home. Lo Mein with pork and preserved vegetable is delicious and makes the trip well. Excellent ravioli.

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            I've been to both of the original owners' restaurants - KF (Chinatown) and KF2 (Brookline). I haven't done takeout from either, but food has been excellent in both locales and in my experience the Peking Duck has been just as good at KF2. The lamb dishes are also a favorite. Have not been to the Chinatown location under new management so I can't comment on it.

            1. re: L84Dinner

              Yes, the scallion lamb is also excellent at KF2 in Brookline

          2. Bumping this up post-Peking Duck experience this weekend.

            The duck was...sort of flat, actually. The skin was crisp, yes, but the duck itself was basically flavorless. Stirfy seemed about on par. The soup was clearly better - a much richer broth, better tofu and carefully picked bok choy rounded it out.

            Scallion pie was as flaky and delicious as ever, shanghai noodles were perfect and the stir fried chinese broccoli in garlic sauce was delicious. I'm thinking in the future we probably won't get the duck again, but rather just concentrate on a very nice menu. Specials looked great as well - looking forward to going back for some jellyfish.

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              I had lunch here today, and got the Hu Num Beef lunch special, and I thought it was pretty great....nice spice to it, tasty sauce, and nice fresh vegetables. It's quite the walk from my work (I am next to the TD Garden on Portland st.), but I figure if I'm going to get chinese for lunch, I'd better get the exercise in for it!