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Mar 17, 2011 06:17 AM

Oil from frying a chicken

Hola. . .

I rarely deep fry because I don't have the best ventilation and then you have the left over oil to deal with.

Any advice on used peanut oil from a fried chicken? Is it worth saving after chicken? I think its completely done from frying fish (well maybe ok for frying more fish) but not sure about a chicken.

If you save it, how to you strain/filter out the lil burned bits at the bottom? Do you refrigerate or freeze it once its been used?

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  1. Strain and save. If you plan to hold it for a while, refrigerate, but I usually leave mine out. Depending on how you seasoned your chicken, you might find the oil imparts some of the flavoring in subsequent fryings, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    1. I fry chicken in Corn oil...or Southern Frying Oil (A combo Soy bean and P-nut) I rarely save it. ~~~
      P-nut oil for fish I normally recycle 3 times. ~~ Filter through as a very fine mesh strainer, and always refrigerate........


      1. I think oil is better for frying the second time, things brown better. I strain through a piece of clean old t-shirt (I don't believe in cheese cloth :)) and funnel back into the container when cool.

        1. Unless you're going to reuse it fairly soon -- and you mentioned you don't fry often -- its not worth saving. After you go thru the hassle of filtering it and funneling, it will sit in your fridge or pantry for a few months then get thrown out. Might as well just toss it now. BTW -- while peanut oil has gotten rather expensive in small quantities, you can get large volumes (35lbs) for less than $1.00/lb at Costco and it actually doesn't take up that much space to store.

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            yeah i went to WAY too much trouble to filter the stuff. If anyone ever says use a coffee filter they are talking out their ass.

            other disasters: my dig thermometer doesn't go high enough to measure hot oil. thomas kellers chicken recipe uses far too much onion and garlic power to my taste.

            1. re: j8715

              I've never made Keller's chicken for exactly that reason -- I detest garlic & onion powder and was semi astonished that he calls for it. Fried chicken should be seasoned with salt, black pepper -- period. Cayenne if you must, but ixnay on the artificial garlic & onion

              1. re: rjbh20

                they have their place. in dips they can be ok in small amounts because they get rehydrated and are kind of weak. they aren't bad in dry rubs that sit overnight either, again because they get rehydrated. I think they can be a bit bitter or acrid sometimes though, this recipe just had too much. If i were doing it again i would sprinkle some on the chicken instead of mixing copious amounts into the dredging flour.

                the brine, however, is great in this recipe. smells like tea when you first mix it up.