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Mar 16, 2011 09:44 PM

struggling with appetite loss. please help me...

I am upping the dose of a medicine for migraines to have a better overall life.
But it diminishes appetite. And for me the effect is severe. My doctor is on it and trying to see if something can be done.
What I'm asking is for hounds to please post your favorite foods and recipies, or even funny food stories :) so that I might feel some inspiration. Getting a meal in and having it stay there is my goal.
Thanks for any kindness and ideas--this is such a good community :D

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  1. Do you have nausea issues too? What kind of foods do you favor? What food says love to you?

    Do you like ginger? I am only a moderate fan of ginger, but I could eat these cookies till I popped, and then eat some more. If you want to make them more nutricious, you can sub in some whole grain flour. I've often stirred in a couple of spoonfuls of apple or pear butter. I've converted them to gluten free. Apparently it's a pretty malleable recipe, and cookies have a certain appeal!

    Another comfort food thought - my mom fried day old oatmeal in butter growing up. There is something about that scent, and the butter-crisp exterior, that screams ADD MORE BUTTER and a lashing of maple syrup. This could be tricked out with fruit, dried or fresh, or even made savory.

    I had the most marvelous lunch today - homemade granola with greek yogurt. Totally plain and simple, and amazingly good. I made the granola with coconut oil, so it was coconut-fragrant, and tucked in all kinds of nuts and seeds - chia and pepitas and such. Afterwards I chucked in a handful each of dried cherries, blueberries and cranberries. Would a pan of granola slowly toasting in the oven intrigue you?

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      That granola sounds amazing and I think I have all the ingredients in my pantry!

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        The other good thing about ginger is it's potent effect as an anti nausea agent. Works better than anything else I've ever used.
        You can buy ginger tea, steep fresh ginger, or just stir about one teaspoon powdered ginger into a cup of hot water and add some sugar.
        I don't know if it'll help with diminished appetite, but it's easy to try.
        My best foods when appetite is gone are spicy and or tangy asian foods. The scent of lots of different flavors mingling makes me hungry every time.
        Sending positive energy and good thoughts your way- I hope this is a very temporary difficulty for you.

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        1. First, may I say, I am sorry that you are going through this, but as someone once said, when you are going through Hell, Keep going! (Yeah that was Churchill) Don't stop (no matter how good the food trucks look! *G*)

          Anxiety plays a factor, don't let that defeat you. You will get better.

          I looked at your ChowHound profile and noticed that one of the favorite things I can eat, everyday. every meal all the time, might be one of yours, Soup. So I would always have a cup to sip along side me (simple broths, asian pho, oooh Lobster Bisque! to suggest a few) .

          Recently, a medication that I was prescribed made me very nauseous, irritated my stomach so much that it was difficult to eat. But my soups pulled me through, even though it was often (at the start) a sip by sip battle. The Aromas of the soups helped me alot, and since I really like the Asian flavors, both the ginger and garlic helped me alot. I also found that things more umami rich perked my tastes buds up faster as well. IN fact, a hugely spicy Mexican seafood soup, from my friend's place at one point was the only thing I kept down at the worst point.

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            miso is another non-threatening soup and easy as falling off a ladder.

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                Plus, nearly any type of miso in soup goes well with an egg stirred in. It's one of my favorite things to have when I get a cold, which seems to happen only once every three years or so these days.

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            1. Thank you so much for ideas!!! I adore ginger and all things with a nod to international flavors.. Loose granola also sounds wonderful as Mr. Gator would not hover and ask "have you eaten the whole thing?'
              I am so thankful for responses, and I promise I'm drinking my Ensure shakes :D
              Don't yet feel the need to artificially enhance my appetite, but it's early ..
              And to you all, a lot of things sound so good. But putting it in my mouth and swallowing is a different story. uuuggghh!!!!