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Mar 16, 2011 09:28 PM

any good food near the airport?

I'll be spending a couple of weeks near the airport and was wondering if there are any recommendations? i love all food and open to any suggestions..

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  1. There are two threads with many recommendations:

    All locations will need to be reached by car or cab unfortunately.

    1. pickings near the airport are pretty slim... cote de liesse is full of large format family type places and some fast food stuff... you could go into Dorval but I don't see you finding much there beyond the standard chain variety places. Since you'll have to do anything by car in that area, I'd suggest heading towards Montreal... the closer you get... the more your options open up.

      1. Do a search on "airport" and you will get a number of threads.

        1. Has anyone eaten at the Bifteque in the past twenty years hah?

          1. If you mean right near the airport the answer is NO. Sorry. There is food though