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Mar 16, 2011 08:11 PM

Orlando: How bad is Boston Lobster Feast? What would you suggest instead?

I am meeting friends in Orlando, they saw an ad for Boston Lobster Feast and would like to try it. I am afraid of it. But the purpose of this visit is to visit, and so I don't care all that much if the food isn't great, as long as it isn't godawful. Is Boston Lobster Feast tolerable? If not, what would you suggest instead in that same price range where seafood is at least a possibility, if not all you can eat? Proximity to Universal Studios is a must. Thank you!!

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  1. It is bad. But not awful. Let them learn lol. We went once and if you just eat the lobster and such you will be OK. It is kind of like popcorn shrimp. Every once in a while they are good. Or going to red lobster once every 8 years for a cheddar biscuit. You will survive ;-)

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      Oh lord, thank you for that, I thought I was doomed, lol! I think they're pretty excited about it, and I don't want to be the humorless foodie dragging them around, esp. as I live here (well, in Tampa) and it's their vacation. Whew! Boston Lobster Feast, here I come.

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          It's the Olive Garden of seafood and adheres strongly to the concept of "quantity over quality".

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            ... and besmirching the good name of Boston!

    2. Funny true story. On that stretch of I Drive there was a place called Race rock cafe or something like that. It might still be there. Anyway, one time on our way home from the Daytona 500 we were still in a racing mood and wanted to stop there because we somehow had it stuck in our minds that they had some form of a race track inside of the restaurant and had a racing type deal going on while you ate. We made it in the from door and then realized that this would be logistically impossible in a restaurant. Rare dual blonde moment lol. This may have been the day we ate at the Lobster feast...

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        Race Rock has been demolished - it's replacement will be a from-scratch super Dave & Busters - that counts for progress in Orlando I guess :)

        Race Rock originally started as a heavily-themed Italian restaurant dedicated to opera (signing waiters, shows, etc) - it was amusing to see them try and re-theme an Italian marble palazzo to NASCAR and monster trucks

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          We were very amused by it in the minute we spent there lol. We tried to leave before we asked any stupid questions.
          Have you been to a D&B? We don't have one here but I liked it when I lived in Atlanta.

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          Funny true story #2. Several years ago my wife (5'2" and 110 lbs) and I decided to try the Boston Lobster Fest. We arrived a few minutes before the place opened and we waited at the door with a few other early arrivals. While waiting in line we struck up a conversation with a man who was in town for a convention and had never been to the restaurant. After the place opened, we were seated and noticed that the gentleman we had been talking with was near us. We proceeded to eat like there was no tomorrow - I had 7 lobsters and my wife ate 9 of them. As we were leaving the restaurant I ran into the man we had met earlier and he said he was astounded by my wife's capacity for lobster and asked "does she have a hollow leg?" I have been teasing my wife about that meal for years now.

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            haha when I was in college at UCF I went in there with my roommate, both wearing cargo shorts (with gallon ziplocs in each pocket) and sneakily ate about 4 lobsters a piece but managed to leave with another 12-15 shelled tails between us. we vac-froze them and ate lobster for a month it was sweet.

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              Haha. That's awesome. And I laughed at the woman at Crazy Buffet wrapping egg rolls in napkins and putting them in her purse...

        3. I have a lot of fun at Boston Lobster Feast... I get my rare fill of steamed clams, snow crab legs, Beef Rib Roast, Peel n Eat Shrimpies, Raw stuff... Good chocolate cake...
          And if they're good that day--- I'll crack a good bunch of lobster...
          They're small, and sometimes they're a lil' rubbery--- not the greatest celebration of the beast...
          If the lobster was carefully timed and prepared to perfection, they could double the price...
          'Seems' they re-steam precooked and refrigerated lobsters...

          I've been there 3 times in 25 years but it's been a while, and I'm kinda eager to go back...
          It's kind of a seafood themed Golden Corral...

          1. Go there once every month and it is awesome, great foods yes I have had a bad lobster or crab legs overcooked but that can happen anywhere you go, usually waitstaff hears there is a problem manager resolves immediately went this eve crab legs were overcooked and so was my husbands lobster manager brought me out a platter of crab legs about 3-4 lbs and my husband 2 beautiful cooked just for us replacements and after that the buffet foods were cooked perfectly, they have quality food, servers, and waitstaff. Best Value.

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              "overcooked seafood" and "buffet" pretty much tells me that nothing much has changed...and that I'd have to be pretty hungry to go there again.

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                As I stated they corrected the problem and we eat there monthly have never had a problem it is easy to overcook seafood when your cooking large batches consumer just needs to inform someone so it can be dealt with at the same time they corrected it for me they corrected the batches on the buffet. Sometimes consumers need to speak up they are very quick to act and correct the situation. Because they believe in customer service. But ya know what, every one has their own opinion and I happen to have cooked seafood for parties of 50 or more so I know what is overcooked and undercooked and I never hesitate to let a waitstaff or manager the situation because either way is not edible.