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Mar 16, 2011 07:56 PM

Any new places for macarons on the westside?


Any new places out there selling french macarons? I've been to Paulette's and La Province. Frances Bakery and Jin are a bit out of the way. Anything else out there? thanks!

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  1. Just had one today at Luxxe Cafe in Brentwood. According to the sign in the display, they are made by a 'local master pastery chef' or something similar. The ones in the case are display only and they get one for you from the back.

    I don't know macarons well so can't really compare, but I enjoyed it. Soft and chewy, very slight crunch on the outside. Subtle flavor, not too sweet.

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      Agree w/ LATrapp..Luxxe sells a tasty macaron...havent had them much experience w/ this "cookie" but they're good, though $2 a piece...

        1. re: shebop

          Paulette makes a painfully mediocre macaron and to make matters worse, their staff is quite snooty.

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            I read this thread after seeing it on the bottom of the page after I posted:


            Haha, shows how much I know about macarons! Anyhow, still enjoyed the one I had at Luxxe but will now make an effort to compare with others in the neighborhood.

      1. Not new but Tavern on San Vicente also makes good macarons.

        1. Clementine makes a wonderful chocolate macaroon filled with chocolate ganache. They aren't classic and I think they may even have a bit of rice flour in them but worlds better than almost any true french macaroon out there. I almost always buy them all whenever they have them even without a plan.