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Any new places for macarons on the westside?

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Any new places out there selling french macarons? I've been to Paulette's and La Province. Frances Bakery and Jin are a bit out of the way. Anything else out there? thanks!

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  1. Just had one today at Luxxe Cafe in Brentwood. According to the sign in the display, they are made by a 'local master pastery chef' or something similar. The ones in the case are display only and they get one for you from the back.

    I don't know macarons well so can't really compare, but I enjoyed it. Soft and chewy, very slight crunch on the outside. Subtle flavor, not too sweet.

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      Agree w/ LATrapp..Luxxe sells a tasty macaron...havent had them much experience w/ this "cookie" but they're good, though $2 a piece...

      1. re: lapizzamaven

        They buy them from Paulette!

        1. re: shebop

          Paulette makes a painfully mediocre macaron and to make matters worse, their staff is quite snooty.

          1. re: OC Mutt

            I read this thread after seeing it on the bottom of the page after I posted:


            Haha, shows how much I know about macarons! Anyhow, still enjoyed the one I had at Luxxe but will now make an effort to compare with others in the neighborhood.

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              When were you there last?

      2. Not new but Tavern on San Vicente also makes good macarons.

        1. Clementine makes a wonderful chocolate macaroon filled with chocolate ganache. They aren't classic and I think they may even have a bit of rice flour in them but worlds better than almost any true french macaroon out there. I almost always buy them all whenever they have them even without a plan.