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Mar 16, 2011 07:32 PM

Dinner near 30th St Station for 2 New Yorkers

Hi Philly Hounds!

A friend and I are coming down to see the Barnes collection before it is uprooted.

Would love some recommendations for dinner Sat. night near the 30th St. Station - something not too pricey but great food.

Thanks for your help!


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  1. There isn't anything especially good in reasonable walking distance of the station. There are some places 10-12 blocks away. How are you getting to/from Barnes? Are you opposed hopping in a cab or getting on the subway/trolley?

    1. What exactly is "too pricey"?

      1. Your best bet is Jose Garces J.G. Domestic in the Cira Center which is physically connected to 30th street station by a pedestrian walkway. Farm to table concept. Good food and you can eat reasonably there if you choose wisely.

        1. We can cab it. Would like to keep it under $50/person without drinks. Will check out JG - thanks!!

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            Totally forgot about JG Domestic... it is the most convenient and you can stay under $50 easily. Enjoy.

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              OK, under $50pp isn't much of a limitation in Philly. I agree with the JG Domestic rec, I'm not a huge fan of the place but there are some excellent dishes, it's connected to the station, and meets your price point. There's a thread on it here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/742741 . I'd recommend the flatbread, lola rosa, popcorn, and beignets.

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                How the hell is JG Domestic any kind of appropriate recommendation when you can walk a couple of blocks and have a much more reasonable priced and accessible menu for less than $20 without any drinks at Village Whisky? The JG Domestic menu doesn't appeal the least for the price of a Garces' experience in Philly within walking distance from 30th Street Station for someone who pays for a monthly commuter pass from Philly to Washington DC. Village Whisky is less than 5 minutes away and the pricing at JG Domestic is way too much Amtrak Cafe Car. Overpriced and under designed. No wonder Garces doesn't list this on his Garces Trading list of companies...

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                  Lene do you have any strong feeling about JG Domestic? Perhaps as New Yorkers the price was seen as less out-of-line considering their usual expenditures for a nice meal. Of course menus can be a turn off right out of the blocks; but that is certainly individual preference. Village Whisky has had some downside observations including value. Based on the note back from our NY friends it seems it was more than an appropriate recommendation for their visit to the Barnes. Sorry your experiences have been, obviously, bad ones. Perhaps another try?

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                    Number 1 the OP asked for something convenient to 30th Street station. There is no restaurant more convenient to 30th street without eating inside the station.

                    Number 2 Village Whiskey is .7 miles away, which is not an acceptable distance to walk, if you have spent the whole day at a museum. Cab maybe but certainly not walk.

                    Number 3. JG Domestic is on the Garces Restaurant Group website... open your eyes.

                    Number 4. I would not recommend VIllage Whiskey to someone out of town because the space is so small and the waits are horrendous there.

              2. We recently visited Philly and had a 8 PM train out of 30th St. Station on a Sunday evening.
                We booked a table at Fish for 6 PM, had a delightful meal (there's a special tasting menu on Sundays, btw). The hostess flagged us a taxi and, five minutes later, we were on our train with plenty of time to spare.

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                  Thanks Philly friends!

                  We had a great deal at JG Domestic. The popcorn was a disappointment - soggy, nothing special, but everything else was wonderful - loved the rolls in cast iron skillet; flatbread was perfect; pumkin croquettes were yummy; got comped the crosnes which were a huge hit - one of our favorites, lamb chops were good but I wouldn't recommend them; had the special fish - forget what it was, but it was great. And the chocolate and maple desserts were a fabulous ending to a great meal.

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                    Forgot to mention - we also asked for a side of onion rings - saw them with the ribeye and couldn't resist. Perfection! Service was also really great - helpful, nice, professional. A correction - we had the bourbon beignets, not the maple dessert. I could have that bourbon butterscotch sauce every day!