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Mar 16, 2011 05:46 PM

Can leg of lamb be used instead of top round lamb for kebabs?

I'm looking to make lamb kebabs using my oven broiler, and the recipe I have uses "top round lamb" which is of course, cubed for kebabs. While at Coscto, I noticed they had leg of lamb, and I wanted to know if I could use that instead? Thanks in advance!

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  1. To my taste it's not the best choice, but a father-in-law I used to have, this one Armenian, prepared all the kebab meat for their Armenian Society's annual party, and used nothing but leg. While I don't remember the exact recipe (I did this a few times and always just winged it) the lamb is cut into relatively uniform chunks (he told me CUBES, but if you insist on that you'll waste a lot), trimmed of fat and sinew etcetera, and then marinated overnight in olive oil and lemon juice. I also seasoned the chunks and let them sit awhile before marinating. The result of this is a sort of lamb ceviche; it's basically tender enough to eat, and the bit with the fire and the skewers is just to make it hot and sizzly. I found it delicious but not as interesting as shoulder meat.

    The principal advantage of this method is that you no longer have to overcook or even burn the vegetables to get the meat cooked, since it's pretty much "cooked" already. When the veges are as done as you want you can take'em off the heat. Or, in your case, out from under it …

    1. Absolutely. Lamb leg works fine for kebabs. Just avoid the the meat from the shank, It has a lot of tendon and silver skin. OK for grinding or long braises though.