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Mar 16, 2011 05:20 PM

Garces pizza a bust

We tried the Garces Trading Company Chicago style pizza. We almost didn't because I balked at the $26 price but my better 90% really wanted to try it. What a disappointment. We've had Chicago style pizza in Chicago so we are not newbies to it. This was more like gloppy tomato soup in a partially burned crust. To be fair the cheese did set a bit after we ate our first slice so maybe it shouldn't be served right out of the oven. But that didn't compensate for a crust that was burned on one side and undercooked on the other. We threw the rest of it out and I am someone who always finsihes my leftover pizza. What a disappointment and at $26 what a rip off.

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  1. I disliked it a lot myself (and that's being generous) too. Your gloppy tomato soup comment really hit the mark. For me, it was a lot like a neverending amount of San Marzano (I think) tomatoes. And I mean never ending. While do like the tomatoes, there were waaay too much of them. I hardly noticed the cheese or the crust because my upper digestive tract was drowning in tomatoes. Not at all like a Lou Malnati deep dish pie in Chicago or anything like that I have ever had. And then you have to wait a half an hour for the thing....

    1. I totally agree. My pizza was completely flavorless, we ordered ours with "sausage" for an extra 7 dollars! and I was hard pressed to find more than 2 or 3 pieces of sausage at the bottom. Total rip off.

      1. Agree--it's awful, an opinion about universally shared among my friends. They should 86 it from the menu.

        1. Anybody know of a decent deep dish in the city?

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            No but Lou Malnati's in Chicago has a website and delivers:
            We have done this a few times and it is pretty good.

          2. Wow, this is totally different than what I've heard from several friends who raved about the deep dish pizza at GTC. I've never had it myself, because there is always something else on the menu that appeals to me more, but now I'm curious. Is this just a matter of different tastes, or do my friends who love it just have no idea what good deep dish is?

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              I think the thing they serve at GTC is more Garces' interpretation of a deep dish pizza rather than an authentic version that diners who have tried deep dish pizza in Chicago would be familiar with and would like. I have read some reviews that some people really love it (probably the same folks that do the thing in Europe with the tomatoes and run with the bulls). It was really disappointing to far my least favorite thing at GTC (stick with the artichokes and the lamb sandwich...)