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Mar 16, 2011 03:27 PM

Weigh your plate Churrasco.

If you're like me you can't resist Brazilian Churrasco. You know; that unstoppable bring all the critters two by two over the coals, add Brazilian specialities like Feijoada plus throw in a salad bar with all the sides. That my friends is Terra Brazilis in Framingham. There are several locations but my clan is partial to the Waverly erstwhile D'Angelo outpost. Many awesome Brazilian style bar b cues are served all you can eat on the swords they were rotisserized on. At Terra Brazil you take a plate, load your sides, salads, hot dishes and then meat. At the end of this happy conga line your plate is weighed and a Brazil Thanksgiving dinner that can't be beat ensues for about $10 serving a hearty appetite. This is where the beef is. In fact sirloin, round, brisket, chicken thigh, chicken wrapped in bacon, chicken hearts, pork sausage, chicken sausage, pork butt and lamb with surprise specials. Perfectly salty, the man with the knife carves it rare or well done to you liking. Sauteed Kale, trooper beans, rice with tripe, sweet plantains, yucca, chayote, red beans, black beans, okra, fish, stews, and green salad pile on my platter. The whole thing is made complete with a Guarana soda, exotic-fruity-but not overly sweet. A slew of condiments include little chilies in oil and various picante sauces. Desserts are also super rich and make a sweet finish like pudim de leite or layer cake but at this point I'm usually ready to nap. Brazilian candies are at the register. Perhaps a little dulce de leche for later.

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  1. Just to clarify the Waverly you mention is Framingham not Belmont. The website seems to lack prices, not a good sign, but perhaps I missed something there.

    In fact what is the price per ounce?

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      Framingham has two locations. It's the one on 264 Waverly Street. At $6 per pound still a pretty good deal though weeknights after 9pm it's 40%off. Here's an old thread on the Churrasco trail.

      I like the Sunday crowd and the weekend specials. TV from Brazil (often hilarious) and chatter in Portuguese makes it a great experience! There are over 50 such Brazilian bbq pits but this one is on the way to Worcester where I travel each Sunday. Terra Brasilis can even satisfy my 20 year old 6'2" bottomless pit freshman!