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Mar 16, 2011 03:13 PM

fanny chadwick's on dupont is SOLID

The decor is classy but the name turned me off. I tried the club sandwich which is definitive. Very solid club sandwich.

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  1. Saw this place driving by but this is the first thing I've heard about it. Can you give any more info: decor? menu? vibe?

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      1. re: Cheez Whiz

        I'll echo the NOW review. We went on their first Saturday evening for a burger and a beer to support the local establishment, expecting a few bumps in the service. Place was ~75% full when we arrived and filled up shortly thereafter. 90 (yes 90) minutes after ordering two burgers, we get two club sandwiches brought to our table.

        Waiter was nice/apologetic, but I think I'll wait a few more months for them to get their **** together.

    1. Looks like they have a good list of drafts, including Waupoos cider and something called Flying Monkeys which makes me curious....I would try for beers alone.

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      1. re: Arcadiaseeker

        Flying Monkeys Hoptical Illusion is a great APA/IPA. Hoppy but not too much.

      2. I was there for Brunch.
        Food was solid - the pancakes were very good, rivalling the best I've had in Toronto.
        However, portion size was small and I had to ask for the syrup. And price was higher than I expected for this neighbourhood. Certainly they've put some work into the premises upgrade, but that has meant higher overhead and hence prices.

        Didn't rush back (because of sticker shock) and the regular menu was 'safe' rather than exciting. But I might stroll over for another brunch sometime - the quality could potentially persuade me.

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        1. re: estufarian

          I really like this place. We've had brunch twice so far and have found that they pay attention to the little details that bespeak of excellence.

          We like their homemade Canadian bacon, more like a delicious ham with a citrusy spicy crust. Their salad dressings are light and well-balanced.

          The buckwheat pancakes were nicely spread out and tender. Their french toast was like a creamy cloud of bread pudding. Even the maple syrup had a 'medium' intensity.

          The space is cozy, light-filled and inviting. Prices are higher than the neighbourhood standard (average $12 brunch main) but it's worth it.

          1. re: Wench Foraday

            My wife and I stopped in for brunch Sunday at 11.30 and had an excellent meal. The Bloody Caesars were perfect. She had the omlette, and I had the corned beef hash with eggs, cooked as ordered (over medium). We both commented on the quaility of the ingredients, and have no issues paying a bit more for organic or local ingredients.
            The service was quick and friendly, though the place was quite busy. If we lived in the area, I would be a regular !

        2. We had lunch there mid-week recently. Interesting selection of simple and less usual food well executed but at a higher price ticket than one would expect for the locale. (See website above), Popular at the moment, so service is not speedy.

          1. We had brunch there yesterday, (Saturday), only brunch was on offer, but it still took over half an hour from the point of sitting down for the food to actually appear. The food was indifferent, although the Canadian bacon was tasty, Service was friendly. However, not a good experience. The noise level was high also.

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            1. re: AzulH

              My friend and I tried to go to Fanny's for lunch last Friday around 1:00. The place was less than half full. We were shown to a table for 2 slotted between a half wall and a group of Very Entitled Ladies whose bags, coats and paraphernalia took up the bench half of our seats. The V.E.L.'s did not move a thing. Since we could not actually sit down, we were shown to the table for 2 on the other side of this same group of V.E.L's, who somehow managed to have even more stuff and baggage taking up the bench on that side as well. With a perfunctory wave at a purse - a pretence of movement which changed nothing - the Ladies sniffed and continued picking at their food. My friend and I managed to squeeze out a bit of space to sit down, but after debating between grilled cheese and some salads, we decided we were much too uncomfortable to stay. While the rude and aloof manner of the V.E.L's was not Fanny's fault, I do believe it was the staff's responsibility to seat us somewhere manageable. In my opinion, since the restaurant had so many empty tables, there were certainly other options. Our option was to leave, go down the street to Diverso by Ferraro [] and enjoy thin crust pizza, a huge salad, very comfortable surroundings and friendly attentive service. A lovely lunch indeed!

              1. re: b.craftie

                Why didn't you ask to be moved?

                1. re: Herb

                  That's a good point. We had moved from that first impossible table to the second one. Would you have changed to a third table ? Do you think it would have been worth explaining to the greeter that the seats were "taken" by those V.E.Ladies' things and that they wouldn't move any of their stuff to make room for us? I believe we should not have been shown to those tables in the first place. It was obvious that the large group had their things spread out everywhere. I believe the staff were clueless. And I'm pretty happy with the way things turned out.