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Mar 16, 2011 02:51 PM

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week- Tried Emma's Ale House

hey everyone last night I went to Emma's Ale House in White Plains, thought I would share my experience.

Firstly its on a nice quiet side street and I found a spot right in front, paring was free (after 6pm i believe). I had made a reservation online (table for 2), walked in and was seated instantly.

its a very loud place, this is something I don't mind at all but I know many others would dislike this....extremely loud. I lied the decor, art on the walls all with a dog theme. Very trendy inside, loud indie rock music playing.

Instead of the usual basket of bread on the table, Emma's brings out a basket of soft pretzels rolls, I enjoyed this very much.

For my starter I choose the Buffalo Chicken Lollipops, these are basically regular buffalo chicken wings with the bone cut to make it more of a stick to hold, they were very meaty and the sauce was great, also they did not seem to be fried, they were cooked very nicely. My girlfriend had the Mac n Cheese, bits of bacon and peas are mixed in...absolutley delicious to say the least.
Main DIsh:
I choose the fish n chips. this was a huuuuge piece of fish paired with a heaping portion of excellent fries and a small portion of cole slaw. Came with tartar sauce on the side as well. The fish was good, nothing spectacular, the fries were cooked very well done and they tasted great I really liked them, could not finish nearly half of what was on this plate. My girlfriend had the Chicken pot Pie and it was huge as well. tasted great, filled with chicken.

I had a brownie with a scoop of ice cream, it was a huge, moist brown, slightly warm (i would have liked it warmer but no big deal) the ice cream was a cookies and cream style. very large brownie. again nothing spectacular but it was quit satisfying. My girlfriend had the better dessert, she got the double chocolate cake... I cant even describe this, its had a glossy outer layer of lie chocolate fudge, and the inside was like a thick, rich, warm gooey chocolate filling, scoop of mint ice cream as well... absolutely the best dessert i have ever tasted.

I truly enjoyed this dining experience, I highly recommend it for people that want to go out for dinner and drinks and don't mind the casual atmosphere. The service was a little slow, waitress hardly ever checked up on us but it did seem very busy at the time. I had a great time here and will return some day for lunch.

Emma's Ale House
68 Gedney Way, White Plains, NY 10605

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  1. Yay I'm so glad.. I went once a long time ago and loved it.. glad its still good, I've got to go back!

    1. Too bad you didn't get the t Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding, that sounded interesting and I would have liked to hear if it was any good (they posted about it on the HVRW FB page).

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      1. re: MisterBill2

        I've had the Krispy Kreme Bread Pudding there and it was pretty good. It wasn't sublime, but fans of Krispy Kreme will probably adore it. Thinking back on it now, my taste-memory is reminding me of the abundance of glaze in it. If you try it, let us know what you think.

        Calorie-wise, if I had to choose between ordering that again or their mac and cheese, I'd choose the mac and cheese. For me, it is definitely a reason to go back. It was very homey. The mac was al dente. The cheese (grated white cheddar and asiago, maybe?) was definitely present but not blanketing the whole thing. The peas and bacon were wonderful additions for bursts of sweetness and chewy bits of salty, fatty goodness.

        1. re: foodiemom10583

          Went to Emma's today for lunch as my BF is glued to March Madness. After reading the reviews I was excited to try for the first time and was pleased with the Restaurant Week Lunch Menu.

          When we arrived we chose to sit in the bar area with TV's but was never offered the Restaurant Week menu. I asked our server for the menu and it did not include all items as posted on the Restaurant Week website. I am trying my best to stick to low carb (key word trying) so I was excited for the Crispy Lollipops (Buffalo) and the Lamb Burger which I knew I would order without the pita. Both of these items were not included on the Lunch Menu that we were given.

          My BF and I decided to order off the regular menu and shared an order of the Buffalo Lollipops. They were very good and meaty as reported above. We each ordered the Lamb Burger (mine without the pita), it came with fries as well (they were good, I cheated a bit and ate (2). The burger was very tasty and I enjoyed the salad of feta, olives, scallions, tomatoes and cucumbers that was served over the burger.

          It was our first time there and we certainly would return as the food and service were fine. Again, I just wish the menu posted on the Restaurant Week website mirrored that of the one we were given.

          1. re: foodie0529

            it is a good place, whether it is restaurant week or not. most expensive item on menu is less than $30. good value and consistently good food as well as cocktails.