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Mar 16, 2011 02:13 PM

Does your Costco carry Bounty chocolate boxes ? or Big Turk ?

Hi everyone,

I love Bounty chocolate bars and I'm looking to load up on them. I'm also looking to buy a box of Big Turk at a reasonable price.

But my local Costco doesn't have boxes of either.

Just wondering does your nearest Costco sell Bounty or Big Turk ? At what price ? (24, 36, 48 count ?)


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  1. Costco Laval 24 x 57g = 17.95$ for bounty

    1. Aubut has Bounty according to their Dec. 10 catalogue.

      1. Big Turk is a guilty pleasure of mine. I only find them in depanneurs and when I do I often buy the box on the shelf.

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        1. re: SpellMan

          My dad loves Big Turk, I'm looking to buy him a box. He just loves all chocolate covered turkish delight, we even imported some other brands from Australia and UK.

          But quite frankly we can't find Big Turk anywhere in the Trois-Rivières area... in what stores can you guys spot it ?

          Thanks for all replies so far, still looking for more infos.

          1. Club Entrepot Provigo is my go-to for all bulk candy/chocolate/gum. Amazing selection, much wider variety than Costco. They seem to cater very much to the "depanneur" owners, which probably explains that. They probably have both varieties of what you are looking for. FTR, I go to the one in LaSalle, so I guess I can't really vouch for any other location, but perhaps you should give that a shot.