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Mar 16, 2011 02:08 PM

Apricot King, Hollister CA

Has anyone ordered from this "wild" bunch of apricot growers? Their wares look outstanding. I am a sucker for chocolate-dipped dried fruit.

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  1. I have been a steady customer for several years now. My favorites are the dried Bartlett pears and the pit-in dried apricots, which are rarely available. But the regular dried apricots are head and shoulders above supermarket dried apricots. All their dried fruit is exceptionally moist and usually quite large. I have posted about AK on CH several times.

    1. Bob W, I'm from NJ and I order from Apricot King several times a year. The large 5 lb bag of dried Blenheim SLAB Apricots are in my freezer right now (they freeze beautifully). It was a jar of Blenheim
      apricot jam that turned me onto this super friendly grower while visiting family in CA and I've gifted their bagged dried apricots a number of times. Just last week I warmed a large handful of the rich, moist apricots in warm water and whirled them in the food processor for a quick apricot spread with honey and gouda grilled cheese-wonderful!

      1. You guys sold me -- I just placed my first order!

        1. After reading about these guys on CH, probably three years ago, I ordered from them and was very pleased.
          I got some of the pit-in apricots, very nice and moist, and sent a gift basket to my future in-laws at the time. They were thrilled with all of the goodies.
          A nice family-run company. Not sure if anything is organic, but the products are obviously grown with care.
          I still have a bag of apricot pits from them. Now that I save my own pits each spring, I can't believe I actually paid for these, but it's nice to have a noyeau back up, I suppose.
          Those slab apricots are calling my name right now.

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            Not sure if anything is organic
            they only have one organic option - whole dried blenheims. but i was glad to see that they also offer unsulphured pears and mango - i may have to order some one of these days.

          2. Dang, sitting at my computer with my debit card is dangerous! Just placed an order.

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            1. re: tracylee

              I received my order from AK on Monday, and the cherries had been replaced by pears, even though the packing slip still said cherries. I called and Patti got the cherries set up for shipping within minutes.

              I had kept the pears sealed in the fridge in case I needed to return them (I know, not likely), and since I didn't, I poached them in spices until softened and made a pear tart with them. Yummy!

                1. re: HillJ

                  Yes, I was very impressed, and will definitely order from them in the future!