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Mar 16, 2011 02:00 PM

First trip to Nashville...

Hi all -

i'm going to be in Nashville in a few weeks for the first time, and unfortunately, since it's for work, my play time will be short. I'll be in the Vanderbilt area, WITHOUT a car. I need to plan lunch and dinner and dinner Monday. Sunday's on my own dime, while i can expense Monday.

i'd like to get downtown to do some shopping (are things open on sunday in "downtown"?) so i'm looking for somewhere great down there that's easy to get to. (i'm under the impression that even with the free bus, it'll be too much of a pain to get to germantown, the gulch, etc, so maybe downtown is easiest?) also assuming the "meat+3" is the classic nashville thing, which i certainly want to partake in...

i've also noticed rotiers and elliston place soda shop near where i'll be... worth it, or should i cab somewhere else?

as for Monday, where would you go if you had about $50 to spend and only ONE dinner in Nashville?!


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  1. Downtown is not a place to go shopping, unless you are shopping for tourist trinkets and cowboy boots. What kind of "shopping" are you talking about?

    Elliston Place Soda Shop and Rotier's are long-standing, legendary restaurants in that area, but honestly, there are better choices for places to eat. Meat and three really is just a Nashville term for a standard type of southern restaurant, where you pick a "meat" (main course) and 2 or 3 side dishes. The top places in Nashville for this type of food are often open only for lunch, or breakfast and lunch. Look at Arnold's, Puckett's (new downtown location), At the Table, Sylvan Park. All of these would be a reasonable cab ride from the VU area.

    For the Monday dinner, if you want to stay in the VU area / walking distance, I'd look at 1808 Grille, Bound'ry,

    If you can cab it somewhere, City House, City House, City House. Eastland Cafe, ChaChah, Flyte, Germantown Cafe (great view), Yellow Porch are all in easy reach.