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What did he cook for you last night?

I had a surprise of grilled Langostino's waiting for me. Where he got the recipe, he won't tell, but they were done just right.
Its easy to over cook shrimp of any kind; lobster, Langostino, catfish.
I was impressed, to say the least.
Has your man cooked for you lately?

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  1. He made buffalo wings on Sunday night!

    1. Not a great post- kind of sexist/stereotypical. I cook for my wife 6 nights a week.

      That being said, last night was grilled shrimp and scallops with orzo, peppers, and artichokes.

      1. I didn't take the post as derogatory, I thought it was sweet that she enjoyed the dinner!

        The last (and only) time my husband cooked for me I had just had knee surgery and he fried some really nice pork rib chops. Unfortunately (for him) that's all he made. For some reason he didn't think we needed a starch and vegetables, so I hobbled into the kitchen and finished things up. I decided from then on that I would rather he do the clean up. It was sweet of him to try though.

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          this made me laugh. my husband used to cook only meat for our dinners. i've noticed this with many male friends too--they'll eat an entire roasted chicken or a few steaks for dinner with no thought to starches or veggies. i find it endearing, although you better believe i used to get a baked potato and roasted broccoli going as soon as i walked in the door to find hubs at the grill.

        2. My hubby cooked last night FOR THE FIRST TIME IN OVER A YEAR. I was busy painting our cabinet doors in the garage and knew I'd be out there til around 11pm. He cooked chicken breasts, rice, and made some sort of soy based sauce with sesame and hot oils. The chicken was overcooked, and the sauce wasn't very well balanced, but I told him it was magnificent so hopefully he'll cook sometime within the next year.

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            That is fantastic Laurel! I think you may have given him some encouragement; it's all about the effort eh?

          2. My husband makes all of our bread. Tonight, he also made a great macaroni and cheese, and roasted butternut squash for supper.

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              Wow! Homemade bread?? Okay, now I'm jealous! When you mention homemade bread, I can smell it. Your a lucky lady!

            2. He's been experimenting with souffles lately, but he's scared of the cholesterol in eggs. Last night it was a spinach souffle made with that lowfat egg product that comes in cartons. It wasn't bad at all, just a little dry on the outside. He made a creamy sauce with grated carrots to go over it, which was surprisingly tasty.

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                Interesting choices for sure. If he's into souffle's and can master them, wow! I take my hat off to him! Souffles are not easy. The substitute egg product? Is that the egg beaters?
                If it was dry, perhaps just a bit of oil or butter around the edges would be good? Could be the temperature as well.
                Carrots with creamy sauce- adventurous for sure!
                I love it when a man cooks! Yes, its a step out of the 'stereotypical', as much as we don't like to think about it. But everyone has their roles.