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Mar 16, 2011 01:14 PM

Driving from Charleston, SC to Winston-Salem NC

Would love a good suggestion for a place to stop for lunch . Prefer somewhere that is at least half way to final destination.

Also need suggestions for restaurants in Winston Salem and Raleigh Durham.

Will be on business, but not able to spend extravagantly.

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  1. This one is easy - Charlotte, NC is a little over halfway on your route. Charlotte Metro. Area has a population of over 2 million. Do a search for "Charlotte" or "Charlotte uptown" on these forums. For something convenient to your driving route, Charlotte Uptown = Charlotte Downtown and it's right off of your route. For southern food, I recommend King's Kitchen right in the heart of the city. Meat-and-three using fresh, local ingredients in a nice atmosphere, and they donate their proceeds to feed the hungry:

    I have a friend in Charlotte whose favorite lunch place in the city is Savor on Morehead:

    If you want something more traditional and country, The Front Porch in Richburg, SC is a grandma's cooking meat-and-three right off of your I-77 route about 45 minutes south of Charlotte (so about as "halfway" as you can get):

    As for your destination cities of Winston Salem and Raleigh-Durham, chowhounders have been posting recommendations and finds for those metro. areas every week for years and years. Hundreds of threads have dissected these areas into every genre imaginable. So please do a search specific to where and what you're in the mood for - you're talking about an intensely prolific foodie part of the country, not like some cities in the country that have only a half dozen or so standout restaurants, so it's not something that can be distilled into one thread or one set of recs.

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      Bless you and thank you! I hadn't yet looked at the route -- as a foodie, I went straight to researching lunch! I appreciate your suggestions and am now far more excited about my 4 hour drive. I will look at the other threads as well - I'm sure there's a great archive. But can you give a gut reaction: when you think "one meal in Winston Salem or Durham" where do you want to eat?

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        For Winston-Salem (and considering your budget constraints), here are a few suggestions:

        Diamondback Grill
        Sweet Potatoes
        Hutch & Harris Pub
        West End Cafe

        All are local establishments with very good food that won't break the bank.

        Sweet Potatoes
        529 N Trade St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

        Diamondback Grill
        751 N Avalon Rd, Winston Salem, NC 27104

    2. Not sure what your food likes/dislikes are, but here are a few of my favorites.

      First, in Charlotte, Van Lang has wonderful Vietnamese food. It is a hidden little gym and very authentic tasting to me.

      In Winston, there are a few places to eat.

      Sweet Potatoes does wonderful southern styled food in the art's district of town. In the true southern tradition, it is a little on the rich side but extremely tasty.

      Milner's I like but find myself mainly eating from the appetizer menu. Their green tomatoe napolean is very tasty.

      But, for a more ethnically adventuresome palette, their is Downtown Thai, Nawab for Indian, Taco Riendo 3 near WFU for their torta al pastor, and Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe.

      Raleigh/Durham has a livelier dining scene than Winston and a broader spectrum of food choices as well. You can look at other posts on chowhound for fuller reviews.

      For French, I would look at Vin Rouge. You can eat really good prices at reasonable prices for the quality. They have true bistro style food.

      For Japanese, I think Yamazushi near 54 and I-40 is fantastic. They are not a roll-shop sushi place but have a wonderful and authentic Japanese menu to order from, while the sushi is delicious as well. Run by a wonderful couple, they have been their for 25 years.

      For fun dining on the cheap La Vaquita and Mama Nora's come to mind. Their are plenty of taco stands, trucks and ethnic dining to be explored in the area. Carpe Durham has some solid input on this as well.

      that is my quick snap answer

      Sweet Potatoes
      529 N Trade St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

      Vin Rouge
      2010 Hillsborough Rd., Durham, NC 27705

      Downtown Thai Restaurant
      219 W 4th St, Winston Salem, NC 27101

      Mooney's Mediterranean Cafe
      101 W 4th St, Winston Salem, NC 27101