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Mar 16, 2011 12:34 PM

Breakfast in Paris for someone with celiac disease (wheat intolerance)


My Mother and I will be visiting Paris the first week in April. My Mom has an intolerance to wheat which includes rye, flour, barley, and oats. Lunch and dinner shouldn't be a problem for us but I was thinking that breakfast might be a little harder to navigate. We will be staying in the 16th and I have a feeling my Mom might want to eat in our neighborhood and then head out for the day to do our exploring. From doing some research I still wasn't sure if boulangeries and tea shops would offer things other than baked goods. Would any of you be able to make some recommendations for places where she could get some fruit, yogurt or maybe eggs?

Let me know if you need any additional info from me. Merci!!

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  1. Many cafés offer those options for breakfasts. Tea shops are usually not open for breakfast and boulangeries sure have nothing that is gluten free. And finding gluten-free bread is close to impossible, not to mentio how disgusting it can be if you find some.

    Le Cinq has a whole gluten-free offering, including for breakfast, including croissants if you order in advance.

    Buying fruits, yoghurts and even eggs the day before shouldn't be too hard.

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      The Four Seasons hotels (of which Georges V is a member) offer Japanese breakfasts, which are gluten free. I would bet any other five star hotel that caters to Japanese would offer something comparable.

    2. If I were addressing this condition, I'd order eggs, yogurt, cheese, fruit etc. at my hotel. Actually, enjoying breakfast in our room is one of our most cherished luxuries in Paris. Kicking back, waking up to good coffee and juice, etc, reading the IHT, this is Paris morning to me.

      1. I will light a candle for your mom and pray that God is especially kind to her in other ways as missing wheat in Paris....words escape me.

        I second mangeur's comment.