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The Real Amsterdam

VoyageJosh Mar 16, 2011 12:31 PM

Hey all,

I'll be in Amsterdam for three days and would like to sample food that truly represents the Netherlands and it's people.

Of course, I enjoy Thai, Italian, Chinese and most other ethnic foods, but I'd like to sample the best Dutch cuisine in the city. Whether it's bar food, comfort food, fine dining, Mom's best cooking, I'm mostly concerned with eating something authentic.

I'll be staying near the center of the city, hopefully on one of the canals.

Can you help me out??

Thanks :D

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  1. linguafood RE: VoyageJosh Mar 17, 2011 09:59 AM

    A good starting point for you would be to read through some of the Amsterdam threads here on the Europe board. Lots of good finds, including 'typical' Amsterdam food.

    You can also check out our resident Amsterdam specialist's food blog www.dutchgrub.com.

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      altobarb RE: linguafood Jul 9, 2011 09:59 PM

      If you should want an upscale rijstaffel, try Blue Pepper. I was there in May and really enjoyed it--found the chef to be innovative and thoughtful about food combinations and preparation.

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      hvdmeeberg RE: VoyageJosh Mar 31, 2011 01:52 PM

      Dear Josh, Please give me some more information. Also lunch and snacks? Which day's, budget?
      Hans from Amsterdam

      1. eatamsterdam RE: VoyageJosh Jul 3, 2011 03:52 AM

        I'd recommend Gartine (Taksteeg) for breakfast/lunch. It's a mix of Dutch and French influences but lots of locally sourced ingredients are used, many grown in the owners' garden. Try the 'wentelteefjes' (a sort of French toast) made with Frisian sugar bread.
        On the lovely Peperstraat (east of Nieuwmarkt), both Greetje and newcomer Gebr. Hartering, the latter run by two Dutch brothers, both do a good range of top-notch Dutch dishes.
        'Uitsmijters' - fried eggs, cheese and sometimes ham served on bread - is a popular breakfast dish and is available in cafes all over Amsterdam.
        The Dutch also love their 'borrelhapjes' (snacks consumed with a drink), many of which come out of the deep-fat fryer. These include bitterballen (crispy balls filled with meat ragout, croquettes, cheese straws and vlammetjes (pastry filled with spicy meat). These are also available all over town, but De Ysbreeker does them pretty well and has a fantastic terrace on the River Amstel.

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          elisem RE: eatamsterdam Aug 23, 2011 11:50 PM

          We had a wonderful dinner last night at charming, authentic Greetje. can't recommend it highly enough, though it's a little hard to find. And tho we took the trolley there it's a long 10 minutes from the stop. The restaurant called a taxi after dinner to get us back to our hotel. Don't miss the croquet-Monsieur -like appetizer made on sugar bread. http://www.restaurantgreetje.nl/

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