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Mar 16, 2011 12:28 PM

Question on All Clad (SS) Discoloration

I recently purchased a SS All Clad 1.5 Qt saucepan. I washed it after purchase, and for my first use, I reheated soup (from fridge to simmer). It was a lentil/veggie soup with some lemon. I used low-medium heat. After the first use my saucepan is completely discolored - all splotchy blue!

This is not my first All Clad or SS pan, and my other pans do not look like this. I've useD my AC SS skillet over much higher heat and it is not discolored. Why did this happen? I REALLY don't think I overheated the pan..... could it have been related to to the soup? Could the pan actually be defective?


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  1. "After the first use my saucepan is completely discolored - all splotchy blue!"

    You mean rainbow blue?

    Bar Keeper's Friend if you can get hold of it. It is very useful for any stainless steel cookware. Almost all stainless steel cookware will get discolored like this.

    If you cannot get hold of Bar Keeper's Friend for now, then pour some distilled white vinegar and heat it up.

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    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

      Yes, rainbow blue would be a good way to describe it.
      I do have bar keepers friend and will use it. I did use a little soft scrub and that do nothing.

      I am still curious as to why this happened. I really don't think I overheated the pan....

      1. re: DMW

        "I did use a little soft scrub and that do nothing."

        A little soft srub with Bar Keeper's Friend or just a little soft scrub with water? You won't able to remove a soft scrub with water or with soft/detergent You actually need something acidic to remove it, so soap/detergent (basic) will be less effective.

        Bar Keeper's Friend should work. I suspect it is an oxidized mark. These oxidized marks usually occur at high temperature, but other elements can enhance the effect. If the pan surface have oil, then it will take a much higher temperature to cause these marks. If the pan surface is dry and exposure to air, then it will occur at a lower (but still high) temperature. I think salt can enhance the effect too, not sure. I think sometime it is difficult to pin-point the exact cause.

        1. re: Chemicalkinetics

          All my stainless pots discolour like that, high/low temp no matter what I cook in them, but my SS pans from the same make and collection don't even left on high with nothing in them. I never wondered why till now. I use Lagostina SS cleaner, takes the blue off instantly.

          1. re: Dave5440

            Dave - So interesting that the pots discolor but the pans don't! Where do you purchase the Lagostina cleaner? I've not heard of it before.

            1. re: DMW

              I get it at sears , yep it's strange could be a thickness thing

            2. re: Dave5440


              Do you happen to know if Lagostina SS Cleaner is available in the US? Google is bringing up only Canadian sources. With something like this it usually means the product contains something OSHA or the EPA here don't like.

              1. re: Midlife

                I can't find it anywhere else either, supposed to be non-toxic so I can't see that being an issue, canada is usually tighter that way

      2. The Bar Keepers Friend (powder) worked like a charm - looks brand new (which it is). I guess the discoloration bothered me more because it was the first use of the pot. Now I know the trick.

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