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Mar 16, 2011 12:17 PM

Induction cooking

I'm new to the board and didn't know if this was an "appropriate" question.

We are going to be redoing our kitchen and are thinking of putting in an induction cooktop (or gas if feasible). Does anyone have first hand experience using induction? If yes, pros and cons? And yes, we know that we need to get some new pots.


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  1. I've only ever used an induction cooktop in a restaurant setting but they work wonderfully. You get hot pans very quickly and can control the temperature of your pans as you would with gas.
    The only major con is price. We have a gas stove at home and get our propane tank refilled once a year and it never goes beyond 1/4 full...and we cook a lot. So cost of gas is minimal. Induction stoves are MUCH more expensive and will of course affect your power bills.

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      Thanks for the tips. We were really on the fence with induction and now tending towards gas and will see if we can easily install. We did look at a Kitchen Aid one on the Sears sight that looked good but it didn't have a rating at Consumers Reports - lots more to investigate.

    2. City: Thornhill

      2 months ago I am in the process of upgrading my 25 year old electric coil range. Bought an old house that comes with it.

      My hydro bill comes out as $166/month with the old electric range, and I certainly has to replace it and throw it away in order not to hurt the environment

      I was in the same decision as you among induction, electric, and gas. Finally I decide between induction and gas. After weeks of reading in and other forum, I don't see any good induction stove in the market within CAD$2.5k. Either my expectation for inductive stove is too high, or the product is not mature yet.

      Finally went for used gas range
      1. CAD$200 for gas line installation and part
      2. CAD$700 for used 5 yr old KitchenAid high end gas range (see picture)

      The gas range's oven still has electric, fan, gas burner, and control panel which uses 120V electric.

      Last week just receive my first Enbridge gas bill with pure gas range. Compare to the month before, my gas bill only increase by CAD$20 (including all the ridiculous delivery + transport charge) to CAD$74. Compared with my lowest gas bill usage in last 3 years (CAD$25 in May summer), the gas only cost me extra CAD$50. This is including the furnace usage.

      So I believe with the gas stove, it does use about $20 - $30/month. I save $137/month in hydro bill. I yet to receive the most recent hydro bill end of this month to get actual saving, but I believe it will be less than $80/month. I can tell you between last 2 bill (4 months ago with electric stove) and last bill (1 month electric, 1 month gas), I see $165 less. So it almost saved the gas pipe installation I paid.

      Last couple of weeks, my family has been using the oven extensively (twice weekly for baking), so let see whether it make any big different, but I doubt it. This is the normal usage for my family with cooking and bakery.

      Previous owner does give me their 15 year old fridge, which could be the only "high energy consumer" left in the house, but my experience with fridge tell me generally it won't be so bad.

      Hope this post tell all the reader the big different in $$$ saving in my city. It is a big $2k saving annually which allows me to renew the stove, refrigerator, counter top, TV every year

      1. I have no experience with induction, but you'll likely get more responses if you repost your question on the Home Cooking board. More people will see it there. Good luck :)